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As a 17 year old, how can I work part-time in India?

There are many ways where as a 17 years old , teenagers can work and earn some money and start at least income journey in life. 

Part Time Job For 17 Year Old in India

Most of 17 Year old people are hungry to earn some money for pocket money. Many of ideas  gather in mind. Always thinking which idea will work and make billionaire over night. It will not work. At the end of this post you will learn many ways where you exactly start your income journey.

17 years old, how can I work part time in India
17 years old, how can I work part time in India

Most of people get this pocket money from their parents With this little money, he can meet his daily small hobbies and needs. In addition, students of the current generation naturally require smartphones, gaming consoles, cool clothes, etc. These make their way smarter and easier


As a student if you interested in teaching field you can be a Tuition Tutor. you can appoint himself as a home tuition tutor and serve your knowledge to your junior class student. It will help you lots to revise your previous lesson and develop you teaching skill , communication skill and time management skill also. As a Tuition Tutor you can easily manage your pocket money at the beginning when you become popular in your locality then you can earn more than 10k easily.


OPENING  a tea-stall is may be a good opportunity to you, you see MBA chaiwala, how he start one small tea shop to a brand. It is a job . It's a business you can start this as your part time job. You have to invest some money but from starting day you can get your profit. 


if your interested in drawing and art type of work which people like .If you have a laptop/ desktop you can start learn graphic design when you become expert then people will pay you for your work. you can start this graphic design as your part time job.


if interested in website.. website design is one of the best way to start your journey . Transfer your interest into passion and start your income journey.

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