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Top 3 Most Popular Social Media Networks in India - smartduniya

 After Booming of social network , not only India but Every country's people wants to visit social networking sites for fun . But day by day they are cross their fun limit and now a days Billions of daily active users in social networking sites. 

Top 3 Most Popular Social Media Networks in India
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Top 3 Most Popular Social Media Networks in India

In India more over 500 million active internet user in various social media sites they spend their times in social media 2-3 hours daily.

India is now second in terms of monthly active internet users.


From the day Facebook  was open for all user , Facebook attract users heart and become popular to the user till the day. Facebook lunch new features for users , user can make fun and enjoy social life.

For that reason Now Facebook is world largest social networking site. In India Facebook has more than  2 Billion daily active users.

Facebook latest features like photos, pages and also react many with emoji Also Facebook businesses, groups and more features. It attracts a lot of youth and business owners to utilize the platform and grow their business as many ways possible.


At the early of WhatsApp lunch India .people are use it for only send messages because then service providers charge 1 Rs per SMS in India. No doubt , WhatsApp is one of the best alternative for SMS or text conversation platform but day by day people needs are increase so WhatsApp itself. Now a days WhatsApp has Text, Voice, Video, Image sending capacity also Audio/Video call and payment option available. More than 1.5 Billions Messages being send every day. WhatsApp is not use between friends or family, it is use in school, college , university and office also.

WhatsApp Group one of the best features which helps people to create a environment group discussion / gossip digitally.

WhatsApp is the 2nd most people's preferred communication medium in India.  


Instagram full fill customers needs so it become very popular in India. Instagram  Reels is the mainly attract people to use Instagram. Creators use for making Reels and gaining popularity and followers also which make feel celebrity. People are enjoy creator videos they like videos and also comment their opinion as comment .Not only these besides these photo posting is available . and the most import oart is that two people can message each other directly.  

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