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How can a teenager earn money from online work in India ? -

 Most of teenagers are students and Students at all levels of school or college require some additional pocket money .

Most of people get this pocket money from their parents With this little money, he can meet his daily small hobbies and needs. In addition, students of the current generation naturally require smartphones, gaming consoles, cool clothes, etc. These make their way smarter and easier. 

In this post you will learn How can a teenager earn money easily ?

How can a teenager earn money from online work in India
Best ways to make money as a Teenager in India

Most of the teenager are to very rich person in one night. It's not possible but if you follow some steps and if you have self believe you can be rich one day. Don't follow any illegal or short way to earn money . In this blog I mention which of the way those I follow and earn as a teenager in India.  


As a student if you interested in teaching field you can be a Tuition Tutor. you can appoint himself as a home tuition tutor and serve your knowledge to your junior class student. It will help you lots to revise your previous lesson and develop you teaching skill , communication skill and time management skill also. As a Tuition Tutor you can easily manage your pocket money at the beginning when you become popular in your locality then you can earn more than 10k easily.

2.Middle Man

You can be work as a middle man between two business man. Just you need to find out who make the product and who sell the product and you work as a bridge of the two people and you can some of money as commission. If you really work hard you will earn more money.  

3.Data Entry

As a student, you have little bit of computer knowledge and you are comfortable in key-board and mouse. So, you are ready to work Data Entry .jobs. Data Entry means you have to type on the keyboard taking the data from any documents. You can earn a good amount of money by doing this.

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4.Game Live Stream

Teenager are interested in Gaming, To earn money Game Live Stream on different platform is one of the best way. It will turn your interest into passion. Most of the popular youtuber earn by doing these. When you  play your favorite game just go live in Facebook, YouTube etc.. people will watch your play they enjoying you will earning more. 

5.Photo Editing

If you have a skill in photo-editing it will be a great opportunity to make money. Don't be upset if you have no photo editing skill, I will give you the best way to learn and earn. you just need a android phone and install some of popular application from Play store and start your journey . For learn photo editing you can take help from YouTube. Your work is that you have to edit your friends photos and post social media and write if anyone want this type of editing charge this amount. In this way you can earn a good money at the begging it will hard but after some time it will easy to you.

6.Video Editing

Same as photo editing , video editing may be another option for you to earn some money from online as a teenager. Every one wants go YouTube but lack of proper knowledge , video editing skill they don't do that. You have to take this opportunity , find out some business owners / shop owners and convinced them just saying that YouTube is a big platform may boost your sell also ready some demo video to show them . It will be easy to you to convince  them. When they agree you can charge amount for your work.
if you don't have video editing skill ,don't worry. Just you need an android mobile and go to play-store and download some video editing software and from YouTube you will learn video editing with in one month. When you get two or more work and complete you will get a good revenue.

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