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How one make money blogging from Blog-spot? - How Can I Make Money By Blogging? -smartduniya

There are several ways to earn money from blogging. If you really want to make money online through your blog, you need to fix your niche first. I mean you are an expert in a field or you have enough knowledge to help people and solve their problems by your Blog. You should know about

What is Niche? Why Niche is Important in Blogging? 

Most Common Mistakes New Bloggers DO :

  • Don’t choose a niche
  • Copy-paste blog
  • Have not the proper mindset
  • more

Don't chase money first I know many people start blogging to earn money online and think it is a fast way to become a Milliner   but in the reality, you have to work hard when you start and after few months you will understand the whole game in Blogging.

How Can I Make Money By Blogging

 Best Tips For Bloggers :

  • Never copy-paste from another blog to your blog because you will goanna to Jail or have to pay a huge amount of money Fine .and so more cases happened if your blog fell into copyright problems.

  •  You have to Write at least 4 to 5 articles each with a length of 1000 - 1200 words lengths by own or Hire a Content Writer for Write your Blog  and do it regularly for at least  6 months

  • Look for problems or issues around you or around the world where you know better and you also know the solutions to those problems so you can write or write on your own blog or blog.

  • Create quality content or content that allows readers to enjoy and they share with others.

  • Use social media platforms to promote your Blog consistently on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Platform

  • Always try to make Unique Content in your Blog. And Day by Day increase your content Quality. 

  • The best Practice is that read Comment Every day Of your Blog and Others Blog related to your Category, Because where you actually know what is the need of people? or demand of the people in your niche. you can fulfill their demand by writing the solution of your blog and get back to the comment and reply to those people attaching your website link .you have to do it one time but you will benefit a long time for this work.

  •  Then monetize your blog with Google AdSense  when you start getting a good amount of visitors/ traffic in your blogging.

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