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Why need a website ? Why you invest in your Website ?


In a survey, it was discovered that 75% of citizens endeavor to find a lawyer when they need one by searching online. If you don’t have an online presence, you are definitely losing out on potential business, because there will be a huge audience which will be unable to discover You / your legal firm. Here are some other reasons why it would be highly advantageous for your legal firm to establish a strong online presence. Read the below reasons ----

·         More reachable

A website can allow your customers to reach you far more conveniently than any other source. A potential client can search for you on the Internet and reach you instantly, any time of the day.

·         Build Trust & credibility

A website can help you build trust not just among your clients, but your peers as well. The content you provide on your website, including references and testimonials, your personal details , your education ,certificates etc.. can build the trust  in your skills and knowledge. Only when people are sure you know how to solve their problem will they contact you.

·         Great accessibility

More than any other method of reaching you, your website can make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you when they need to. At any time of day, people searching for a good attorney can find you instantly on the Internet. With some good marketing and powerful content on your website, you can also help level the playing field with some of your giant competitors, since all legal firms are the same size on the Internet.

·         Powerful marketing tool

Now a  days, in order for almost any business to stay competitive, it has to be marketed strongly on the Internet. Legal firms are no exception, and in order to compete with all the other strong firms in your area, you’re going to need to market your business so that potential clients have a reason to choose you over your rivals. The lawyer web design of your website will serve as an ideal marketing tool which can cost you far less than any kind of advertising or marketing campaign would, including those appearing on television or radio, or campaigns which feature printed advertisements.

·         A website educates clints and prospect

One of the best ways to sell is to teach and a site loaded with information, cases and news is a great way to educate your clients about the law and about your firm by extension. You can give tips on how to get out of simple legal issues on your website.

A good setup would have information such as the partners in the firm, the cases won by the firm, how long the firm has been in business and partners have been practicing as well as anything a likely prospect would want to be educated about, it should have a confused prospect who visits leaving with new knowledge and solutions.


·         You can showcase your expertise through your website

The typical client wants to work with an expert as the only rational reason anyone would want to get in a court case would be to win that case so carefully released and researched content which projects your firm as an expert in solving the problem your client has greatly increases your lead generation activities. It will helps a lot to get more clints.

·         It’s a business asset

Ultimately, a website for your legal practice should be viewed as a business asset. When you look at all of the potential value that a website can produce for you law firm, in the reasons listed above and you invest in it appropriately, it really is an asset.

·         Your 24*7 /365 sales person

We all have a life outside of work, except for your website. It works around the clock, always there, ready to meet and greet new and returning visitors checking you out online. 

Provided your website is working properly, it’s there whenever people are ready to take action. After you, your assistants and paralegals have all gone home for the day. Your website is there, helping generate more leads and value everyday, around the clock.

·         Not Everyone want to call

Most lawyers in consumer-facing areas of law (i.e. dealing with individuals rather than businesses), are usually looking for phone calls. It’s the fastest way to qualify and convert leads into intakes, and subsequently into clients. It’s great to have a primary objective from your marketing (e.g. phone call, email, etc.). However, not everyone will want to take the primary action you would like them to.

·         Get more clints

More (qualified and targeted) clients are a good thing for every Business. So, if you have a website you can get more clint easily all top reasons are discuss above . The important fact is that people remember your website.



I hope you will understand all the importance of a website for you / your law firm .


Thank you so much

Tufan Chowdhury.(website designer & developer )

Call – 7586962156


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