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Operators in C programming language - smartduniya

opperator in c programming language

Arithmetic Operators

C programming language supports almost common arithmetic operator such as +,-,* and modulus operator %

Assignment Operators

C assignment operators are used to assigned the value of a variable or expression to a variable.

Bit-wise Operators

Bit-wise operators interpret operands as strings of bits. Bit operations are performed on this data to get the bit strings

Increment & Decrement Operators

We can use increment operator to increase or decrease the value of variable. C increment operators support in both prefix and postfix form.

Logical Operators

Logical operators allow us to combine relational operators or logical operators into one Boolean result. C programming language supports the negation (!), logical AND (&&), and logical OR (||).

Relational Operators

Relational operators in C programming language are used in Boolean conditions or expression and returns true or false.

Ternary Operator

C ternary operator is a shorthand of combination of if and return statement.

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