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C : Control operation in C | looping in C -smartduniya

loop in c

The control Operation refers to the order in which statements are evaluated or execute the program.
C control operation refers to the statements that controls the of code.
In this section, you'll find many control flow statements such as if-else statements,
loop statements including do-while, for, and while, and break and continue statements.


What is a loop statement in C ?


Why we use for loop in c‑program ?

What is the meaning of loop in C ?

What is do while loop in C ?

How many loop control statements are there in C?



If Statement

If statement is used when a unit of code need to be executed by a condition true or false.When the condition result become true then the If statement loop works.

 Else Statement

Else statement is used in a oprogram When 'if ' statement's condition will false ,Then the else loop works.

Switch Statement

C switch statement is a mutiway decisions that tests whether a variable or expression maches one of
a number of constant integer vaues, and branches accordingly.Switch is very useful , it save your time in program time.

While Loop Statement

C while loop statement is used when you want to execute a block of code repeatedly
with checked condition before making an iteration.

Do-while Loop Statement

C do while loop statement allows you to execute code block in loop body at least one.In Do-while loop first take action then check the condition true or false. 

For Loop Statement

C for loop statement is usually used to execute code block for a specified number of times.In C most of the time For loop is used.

C break and continue Statements

Break statement is used to break any type of loop such as while, do while an for loop.
Break statement terminates the loop body immediately and paused the program.

Continue statement is used to resume break  statement.



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