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2022 Digital Marketing- advantage of facebook marketing - benefits of instagram marketing - smartduniya

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

 Digital marketing is the way of  marketing  digitally of a product or service online.

Why do digital marketing? 

In today's age of technology, those who do not adopt digital methods will one day or another  behind in their work or business. And in the age of technology where everyone is moving forward in rhythm, why would you go backwards? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In that case we can buy or sell something online from home / shop, just like we would buy or sell anything at home. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.


We will go to know that one of the most important parts of digital marketing is social media marketing So let's come to work without further ado.....


Social Media Marketing: 

 Before doing social media marketing, you need to know about social media. In today's world, thousands to billions of people know about social media. You can usually do social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, TikTok. However, in the context of the world, if you can do it through Facebook, Instagram, you can do much better.


How to do social media marketing?

 It depends a lot on you. Because if you have a good quality money budget then you can boost on social media, you can promote any location, gender, age and you can promote/boost if you want. And if you don't have a budget for promotion, you should have a Facebook page and a group to let people know about your business/service. And invite your friends to those pages and groups.  Now we will know about some important social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing:

 Facebook is the most popular social media in the world today. Facebook is now used by billions of people and even popular in world wild people. So if you do social media marketing, you must do Facebook marketing.

What are the ideas for Facebook marketing?

 Clear ideas on how to manage a Facebook page and group. Moreover, you can learn a lot more from the analysis and insights of the Facebook page. you have to know Facebook ads are run and maintain in a good manner.

What are the benefits of Facebook marketing ?

There are lots of benefits/advantages to Facebook marketing. You can save your money and time in Facebook marketing. Facebook gives you a huge amount of traffic to your website. Facebook marketing is safe and secure marketing. you can promote your affiliate marketing website, e-commerce website, company website.. etc.. . Besides this you can get more benefit list below - 

  • Billions of people are using Facebook worldwide daily 2-3 hours per day. How would you feel if thousands and millions of people took your product/service from there? Yes, for this reason, if you want, you can promote the Facebook page paid/boost the post of the page. To boost your Facebook page, your website is so easy. If you want to hire someone to do this click me.


  • you can promote/target Specific ages, gender, different category people easily. For example: if you promote a smartphone/body spray targeting 18-25-year-olds, then many people will buy your product. However, if you target 50-60-year-olds in the promotion of body spray, then that amount of cells will not come. Again, if you target girls/women by gender but promote the product to Punjabi / boys, then there will be fewer sales.


  •  You can target and promote people in any specific area For example: if you think that your business is not possible to arrange your delivery, courier service only outside Dhaka in Dhaka, then you can only promote the people of Dhaka by targeting them without promoting them all over the country. Similarly, you can choose any location which you want.


  • Any of your products/services can go viral at any time, so Facebook is one of the best ways for digital marketing.


Instagram Marketing:

There are those who have Instagram users in the world but they are not a silly type of people, they have a lot of maturities. Those who run Facebook, but not everyone on Instagram. If you want you can target on Instagram.


Instagram Marketing Techniques:

 First of all, before you post your business-related things on Instagram, give your own Instagram ID, ID bio, everything serious and business-related. Suppose your business items are shoes. How they post, what story they give. Follow who is liking their post and who is commenting Follow those who are liking you on Instagram The most important aspect of Instagram marketing is

  • What kind of pictures or videos do your competitors share?

  • post on Instagram Using a hash (#) tag.

  • When you post, check your post to help people. if people/ followers will be benefited you also benefited. 

  • Who do they follow?. Spend your time on Instagram and research daily. Check your performance and build yourself perfectly.

  • How they create their captions.

  • Increase Engagement Try to connect with those who follow you, like you, and comment on you.

  • What kind of posts do you have followers/audiences like, find out what they like and dislike.

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