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Basic Difference between Laptop and Desktop - which is best laptop or desktop ? - smartduniya


laptop vs desktop

Laptop or Desktop: 

Most of the people you want to get a new computer are interested in your laptop. So I want to talk to new people from my experience with computers, not laptops for professional work, buy a desktop. Why? The laptop is a beautiful thing. It's okay to lie down, watch videos on YouTube, browse, but professional work isn't really a lie-down! To do professional work, you need to sit with your computer for hours. 

If you don't have a computer connection for at least 12/14 hours a day, how do you learn new things and survive in this competitive market? A laptop will serve you 12/14 hours, but in a short time the battery will be damaged and the service will not be served by a desktop computer. 

A laptop will be old in two years and you can run it for 10 years if you update a desktop. If I say it's worth it, build a desktop computer with half the price of a laptop computer in the same configuration.

Middle-class families and unemployed youth must think about building a good quality computer on a low budget. In that case, the best option is to make a desktop computer.

Computers are a subject that is constantly being updated.

 Is your budget low? 

First, build a computer for less money then you can slowly update your computer yourself.

You can also have a laptop but in that case, the cost of a laptop is always high, but you can't update a laptop as much as you can update a desktop computer.

You bought a 110 desktop motherboard on the desktop. 110 serial motherboards support 6th / 7th, gen processors.

Is your budget low?

No problem. You can use Pentium 6th / 7th processor on this motherboard.

Is your budget good?

You use the 6th / 7th processor of core i7.

If budget is not a problem here, then you can understand the type of work and make the computer. There is no point in making an expensive computer if you spend a lot of money doing simple work.

Suppose again, your budget is low so you first put a Pentium serial processor on the 110 serial motherboards,s and then you see that this the processor can't support you in the work you are doing, then you easily sell your processor and add some more money.

  • core i3 6th / 7th gen or
  • core i5 6th / 7th gen or
  • You can install a core i7 6th / 7th gen processor.

Now let's turn to RAM. The 110 serial motherboard DDR4 supports 2400 diameter RAM. You can use 4 GB to 32 GB RAM if you wish.

First, you use 4GB. Next, sell 4GB and buy 8GB or add another 4GB to 8GB. If needed again, you can sell two 4GB together and get a 16GB.

One more thing to note, computers never lose everything at once. If the motherboard is damaged, or RAM, or the processor, either one will be damaged. You can easily buy new or second-hand items that will be wasted.

The same thing applies to laptops. But whatever is wasted will have to be bought at great expense.

 And if unfortunately, the display goes out of hand, then the motherboard can be permanently damaged if there is a great danger or if small children throw water, tea, or coke on the laptop. And even if it is possible to fix it, it will cost some extra money and there is no end to the suffering.

Another important issue is the monitor. You will need a large monitor to work professionally. As much as you can afford from a minimum of 18.5.

The experience of working on a 22-inch monitor is good. The resolution of 22-inch monitors is usually 1920X1080 pixels. 22-inch meter is the best choice for the website, video editing, graphics work. And now you can use 2/3 monitors simultaneously without additional graphics cards if you wish.

If you don't have the budget to buy a 22-inch monitor first, you can buy a 16.5-inch monitor. And how much is the skin of the laptop? 14 inches to 18 inches? Will small skin benefit as much as large skin?


The decision is yours whether you buy a laptop for convenience or a desktop for professional work.

Maybe think, aha! If I have a laptop, I can take it out and work wherever I can. In fact, the mind will want to take a little out first, then it will be annoying. Be professional from the beginning, take the decision professionally...

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