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Most 5 Misconception about WordPress, which need to be removed now!

5 Misconception about WordPress, which need to be removed now!

The more popular it is, the more misconceptions it will create. It is quite normal, WordPress itself is no exception. However, a topic like WordPress is a little more important, it will lead users into confusion if they get the wrong idea, they may go to the wrong platform. In this article, I will try to dig out some of the common misconceptions about WordPress, so that you can get a clear idea of ​​how useful WordPress is for you or for a specific task!

WordPress is just a blogging tool ?

One of the most popular misconceptions of the time is that WordPress is just a blogging tool, yet many people still hold this idea. If you're one of those people who wants to keep this idea alive, get rid of it. I wrote in bold letters, "No, WordPress is just a blogging tool" - virtually any website can be created using WordPress; Maybe it's an e-commerce website, maybe it's a community site, or maybe it's your business website. In a word, it is possible to create exactly the kind of website with WordPress as you can imagine!

WordPress is currently a powerful website builder, and it should not be forgotten that at the time of writing this article, about 31% of all websites on the Internet are run by WordPress. So now you understand yourself, how powerful and faithful it is!

You know what WordPress's popular e-commerce plugin is the world's largest e-commerce platform! It is much larger than different e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento. So everything from small business websites to big business websites, membership websites, blogs, forums, social media websites, online shops - everything can be built with WordPress. All you need is the right plugins and themes!



WordPress is free, so it's definitely low quality ??

There is a proverb in Bengali, many people think, "three conditions of one cheap" - of course they are not wrong, cheap or free things are not really good, but it does not apply at all in the case of WordPress. Many people do not want to build their own big business website with WordPress, but use custom CMS at the cost of millions of rupees. Maybe they think in their mind, building a website with free tools may not feel professional.

Let me be clear, if you think WordPress is low quality and insecure, then you are still in your mother's womb. Many will ask, WordPress is such a premium thing, so why is the developer giving it away for free? - You see, WordPress is not built by a single developer, but by millions of developers around the world. Its code is completely open source, meaning anyone can test the quality of its code!

The code used to build WordPress is as strong as stone, developer friendly, open to everyone, and free! Many people will say that its code is open source, which means that any hacker can study the code and then find the error and run a hack attack. Here are some things to keep in mind;

Not just WordPress but any website in the world can be attacked by malware or brute force. And for this, WordPress has many security plugins and third party firewall services. Who will always monitor the various attacks on your website. Whether you run the site on WordPress or not, you have to have a separate security system, such as - using Cloudflare or security services!

On the other hand, those who do not want to use WordPress on business websites, to make themselves feel more professional, I say; Many international brands such as CNN, Microsoft, Adobe, The New York Times - do not hesitate to use WordPress themselves. So think about the rest yourself, how low or high quality WordPress is!

WordPress  just for beginners ??

WordPress is a very simple website builder, so many may think it is for kids, meaning those who are just learning to build websites. Many self-proclaimed developers call WordPress a beginner's tool. Because you don't have to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. to build a website with WordPress.

This is not entirely the case, yes, WordPress is deadly beginner friendly, but it is also used by corporations, businesses, and developers. Just as WordPress is a haven for beginners, it also has a lot to offer advanced level users. New users can create the first website on their own without any hassle, on the other hand advanced users make the site more flexible, develop themes and plugins!


All WordPress sites look the same, no difference ?

According to many, all WordPress sites look the same. What the frontend of the WordPress site looks like depends on the theme of the site. There are many free themes for WordPress, some of these free themes are hugely popular and if you use any of these types of themes, yes your site design may look like the rest.

But let's not forget, there is a huge collection of premium themes in WordPress. Many premium theme shops - StudioPress, CSSIgniter, Themify, Themeforest - have great theme collections for any type of website. Each theme comes with its own customization, which allows you to add a different flavor to your theme even after using the same theme.

Moreover, there are many visual page builder plugins for WordPress, which you can use to design your site as you wish, and the funny thing is that you do not have to know a single line and code!

What if WordPress suddenly disappears?

Many people are worried about the future of WordPress, they have no idea how open source software works, but they have a fear in their mind, what if WordPress suddenly disappears one day? - WordPress is not built by a single developer, it is built by a huge passionate developer group all over the world. It is owned by a non-profit organization called Trademark Protected and WordPress Foundation.

There are thousands and millions of companies that sell WordPress related products. Many companies are directly connected to the WordPress community. WordPress does not depend on any one company or person or group that will suddenly disappear one day! It depends on millions, millions of people all over the world.

Although WordPress is a free platform in itself, many companies generate millions and billions of US dollars in revenue each month. So tell me why someone would let a duck with its own golden egg get lost. If you think of different platforms, such as Google Blogger - yes, Google can turn it off at any moment. But there is no such risk in WordPress

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