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How to earn money from facebook / how to make money from facebook in 2021 ? (updated)

Ways to make money from Facebook:

earn from facebook

We visit Facebook every day for various reasons, like and comment on pictures, share various posts in our timeline, chat with friends / family  on messenger.

In addition to this, a small online startup can be built on Facebook, which has 2.32 billion users. Through thousands of methods like creating different fan-pages, making videos, developing Facebook games, online shops, Facebook can also become a unique source of your income.

How to earn money from facebook / how to make money from facebook ?

You can earn from facebook from many ways .. I explain below…

   A) Earn money from Facebook page/ how to make money from facebook page

 A Facebook page with quality content, but easily more or less the news feed predominates.

Do you think how to earn money from facebook page ?.. 

Now I clear your question …

In order to earn money from Facebook page, first you have to open a page on Facebook. In this case, your own interests as well as the interests of others should be given priority. Facebook pages can be of any kind. For example- food review, travel page, news portal or any trendy troll page. In the case of troll pages, care must be taken so that it does not hurt any particular population or create any controversy. But then the purpose of your Facebook income can be the opposite!

The main part of a Facebook page is content. The acceptability of your page to this huge number of Facebook users depends on the content.

 Any quality and well-described content is very helpful in generating response among good users. There are several steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. E.g.-

Create a specific website for your fan page. Having a website along with a Facebook page is quite useful. These websites will have detailed descriptions of your content.

 You can use Blogspot, WordPress or Weeble to create a website. To overcome some of the limitations of the free domain, you can spend a little money to create your own website.

Google has a program called "AdSense", which is widely used worldwide to make money from websites. AdSense's job is to provide ads for different companies on the website and in return pay a certain amount to the website operators. 

We often see thousands of ads on different websites and you can use these on your website by adding Google AdSense. This will allow you to start earning money with your Facebook page website.

It is very important to update the new content on the Facebook page regularly. If you upload more and more content, your page will always catch the eye of new people, and the amount of like-comment-share will also increase rapidly.

In terms of revenue from Facebook, you need to make sure that the content you share is not similar to any other article. Because many Facebook pages have their own copyright.

 In many cases, the theft of articles also comes to the fore by reporting. If the content is proven to be correct, the Facebook authorities immediately remove those posts.

The end of creating your page on Facebook, the work of creating the last content.

 Now we have to move towards selling the content or posts. There is an online website called ShopSomething where you can sell your Facebook posts.

Open your own account here for each post on your fan page

Here you have to open your own account and set a specific price for each post on your fan page. You will be able to purchase these posts with a fixed amount of money and later use these posts, post pictures for various advertisements. When it comes to pricing, be careful not to overdo it. So it is better to refrain from asking exorbitant prices.

B) Advertising :

Many people may have heard the name of affiliate advertising. Many times when you scroll through Facebook, various ads appear in the newsfeed, under which is written in short "Sponsored". This is affiliate advertising.

Do you think how to make money from facebook ads ??

If you find an affiliate advertising program and sign up for it, you will be given a unique ID, along with various business materials related to your advertising. Money will continue to be credited to your account by these different users.

Create a separate Facebook account for the Affiliate Advertising Program. Remember, a separate Facebook account should be opened for each ad. This will allow users to find the ads of their choice and get the job done quickly. you can make money from facebook ads.

The more people see your ad, the more your revenue will increase. So you need to prioritize the promotion of the ad so that you can start earning money from the affiliate by clicking on your post.

C) Freelancing :

Freelancing is one of the most popular names for those of us who are looking for ways to make money online. But freelancing is also possible through Facebook.

When you start freelancing, the biggest hurdle is getting a job or not. As can be seen, many freelancers are not able to find work according to their preferences and qualifications. There are some active groups on Facebook about freelancing.

Members of these groups share different job opportunities. As a result, many can find your desired destination. There are thousands of groups and pages on Facebook for freelancing like content writing, graphics designing, online marketing.


can we earn money from facebook ??


D) Online competition :

The big companies of the country organize various online competitions based on Facebook at different times for their promotion.

The main purpose of these competitions is to promote their products to the customers. These companies choose Facebook as a platform for any new campaign, product, market planning. And in these competitions there are prizes of different amounts, prizes, sometimes internship-job opportunities.

As part of these competitions, your job will be to get more likes, shares and tagging of friends.

E) Facebook apps:

Facebook has a lot of potential for web designers, game developers and programmers. It is possible to earn from Facebook by creating Facebook app. It is also possible to earn money from Facebook by creating your own app. If you create different apps for Facebook, your income depends on the number of users.

One of the most popular games on Facebook was Farmville. The developer of the Farmville game was a company called Zynga. Good to know, you can upload your developed games on Facebook platform with the help of gaming companies like Ginga, Rovio Popcap.

F) Selling Facebook account:

It is possible to earn a good income by selling a Facebook account, page and group that has been running for a long time. At one time many people used to open more than one account.

But the reality is that it is very difficult to run more than one account. But the plus point here is, the old account, the page but now a lot of price. Because users have been familiar with these page-groups for a long time.

In addition, there is a huge demand for these old account-page-groups in the online marketplace. So you can sell anything to others with more followers, more likes and more group members.

G) Online marketing :

Online marketing is a popular way to earn money. Nowadays, thousands of marketplaces have been built around Facebook. But these are not like the usual ten businesses. There have been thousands of online shops for dresses, jewelry, makeup, handicrafts, books, etc. on Facebook lately.

These online marketing pages or groups on Facebook have pictures, descriptions, sizes and prices of different products. 

Customers order the product of their choice by message or comment. Some companies have to pay by credit card, paypal and other methods while ordering, while some companies have a system of timely payment as per the orders of the buyers. In this way the business gradually became known and the way to earn money also started getting narrower and wider.

There is also a great app called "Facebook Shop" for selling items online. If you have a small online marketing website, you can use this app. 

Of the two versions of this app, the free version is limited, while the paid version has many features that are missing in the free version.

H) Facebook influencer :

The influencer issue on Facebook is a lot like a modern brand ambassador. Well-known companies employ well-known and reputable people as their brand ambassadors to promote their business.

If you want to be an influencer on Facebook, you must first have some quality content in your profile and a sufficient number of fans. And of course your Facebook activity should have a satisfactory response from followers overall.

Then you need to open your account by providing specific information on the website of the Influencer Marketing Agency like Hireinfluence, BlogMint, Fromote. As soon as you open an account, you will set a fixed price for each post of one of the brands and you will be able to earn money by promoting the posts of those brands later.

I) Buying and selling on Facebook :

Have an unused phone at home? Your PlayStation is not running due to lack of time? Want to sell the old digital camera and buy a new DSLR? There are thousands of such details but we can sell them through Facebook if we want.

There are numerous Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. Some groups sell specific products, while others have no set rules for selling products. You can easily find the right buyer for any of your unused products in these groups.

However, when buying and selling these items online, you need to be careful, before any transaction, you have to confirm all kinds of information about the buyer, as well as ensure a secure means of money exchange.

Universal acceptance around the world has made Facebook an easy and fast way to earn money. With a little talent, a little time on the clock, Facebook can become your main means of income.

Not only chatting and liking-comment, you can start your new income plan on Facebook at home.

Good luck everyone Facebooking... 

Hope you start your earning from facebook ..after reading my post..

Comment me if you have any questions.. 

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