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Format of Article Writing ? I How to work as a Article Writer in fiverr - smartduniya

Many people want to learn article writing / content writing / script writing. I do not consider myself to be a very knowledgeable person.

Article writing

However, those who think of themselves as entry level, that is, those who want to learn from scratch can be given some tips with a little knowledge of their own experience, which is my own opinion. Especially for those who are not thinking about how to get started, just a few simple tips.

1. First,

The writing profession is so patient that the first requirement here is patience.

It takes a lot of patience to present a concept, sentence, creativity in a new way from a fluent head.

2. English skill. I'm not saying you have to do a PhD in English at the beginning, but you have to have a clear idea about grammar. Because if you can't structure according to grammar in sentence making, no matter how vocabulary it is, the sentence will be out of place.

Without knowing the grammar, even if you know how to speak fluent English fluently, you will not be able to take advantage of the writing. (I think)

3. Clear idea about keywords and search terms.

Suppose your keyword is best fishing reel, to write a good quality informative article with a keyword, you need to know how to search in different ways with words related to the same keyword. "Best fishing reel buying guide" You can get less info by writing about size. Then you have to search "sizes of fishing reels" "How many sizes are available for fishing reels" then you will get some exact articles with size.

So the search term must be understood. If you know how to ask Google, Google will answer. I have also seen some writers who search with the main keyword and claim that the information is less.

4. Start with blog writing, usually with a biography. In this case, there will be less complications, and you will also have fun writing about the personality of your choice.

Then slowly move on to the complex topic.

5. Open at least the first 10 results of the search results of your topic. Read 10 ties, or roll your eyes. Make a note of what you want and what you can take from them (take ideas, not copies). 

6. Break the article, that is, divide your notes into smaller parts. Then take the time to write in small parts, if possible write habijabi, have fun, give proverbs then cut, no problem. No matter what, spontaneity will come in your writing. If necessary, you write 1 thousand words in 10 days.

Remember you are learning, and there is no restlessness in the flame.

7. If you want to write, you have to read, that is the rule. Allocate at least 1 hour a day to read (and listen) to English. I try to read a few sites to write fluent, Neil Pattel, backlinko are my two favorite sites.

Their writing style is simple and attractive. If you search on YouTube, you will find many resources, but there is no benefit in clicking on any title to learn English in a short time. Language is not mastered in a short time.

8. Write short sentences, no need for long sentences like trains. Google generally dislikes sentences of more than 20 words, which is almost unacceptable. And it reduces readability. So at the beginning you write the sentence like a child of class five (nowadays children of five are very fast, we are talking about five of our age), no problem. However, there are, this is, normally, usually do not start the article with this type of word. The beauty of writing is lost.

9. Be creative with intro writing. If necessary, write the intro at the end of all, it will bring a lot of expert / understanding tone in the intro. Because after writing a huge article on a topic, you have also become an expert. Which will help to attract the reader.

10. A special tip for those who have absolutely low vocabulary. Use Google Translator. Type whatever you want to write in Bengali and translate it from there to English.

Maybe grammatically incorrect results will come, but you can bring that sentence to size with your grammar skills. At least you will get the English meaning and synonym of your desire word.

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