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What is a VPN? Why use VPN? How to use VPN? - smartduniya

What exactly is a VPN? Why use VPN? How to use VPN?

What exactly is a VPN? Why use VPN? How to use VPN?

Many of us download a lot of software from the Play store. While downloading apps, many of us have seen VPN software. Again I have heard this name from many youtube.

1. What exactly is a VPN?

VPN is a system to change the IP. Suppose you are now using the internet or Wi-Fi in Bangladesh. Now, you have opened any 3rd Party Website. And, there you are browsing. Now you are browsing the website. That, the owner of this website will see. You can browse his website from any country, and track your IP, all your information. And, when you use VPN. Then your IP and all your information will show Fake.

2. Why use VPN?

The first question is answered. Why use VPN. Then, analyze a little deeper. I will try to explain it to you. 

Why do people use VPN?

I said in answer to the first question. VPN will change your location and IP. Now, speaking of is this why people use VPN. Yes, people use VPN for this. The reason for this is mentioned below.

We have many countries in the world. And in each of these countries, there are thousands of websites. There are many rules and regulations on the website in all countries. Example You are now under 18 years old. There are some websites, they are only above 18 years of age. 

They cannot access these websites. When you connect this VPN. Enter these websites. Then, they will not be able to catch your age. Because - VPN is built that way. Where your age is below 25 to 50.

Then there are many websites. All these, to ban us from Bangladesh. We cannot use these websites. For this we use VPN. If I use VPN, I can access the banned website. 

As long as the VPN is connected, we will not have any problems. If VPN is disconnected: We will not be able to use that website. When we enter a banned website, we have to connect to the VPN. I will also talk about how to connect VPN.

Then, there are many big games like Pubg, Free and many more games. To them, all these games give a lot of benefits with a lot of free. For example; Pubg has launched an event for the USA only. Then, we can't make this event. The reason is: we don't live there. Now, if you connect to USA VPN, you can join this event. Reason - You are connected to a VPN in the USA. Then, this VPN will change your location. 

After that, you will think that you are in the USA from Pubg's Server. And you will be given a new IP from VPN. And will not be able to catch you from Pubg Server.

3. Have a problem using VPN?

Answer - There are some difficulties in using VPN. While all things have advantages, some have disadvantages.

I have already talked about the benefits. Now there are only difficulties.

1 - Using VPN, if Facebook enters this. Your Facebook can be hacked.

2 - If you have a Youtube channel. Then you will have problems. Reason: Youtube is a Google product. You can never fool google.

3 - It is better not to do Mastercard or online transactions using VPN.

 If you transact online, the VPN connects. Then, you will not understand yourself. Anytime you have this Mastercard or other online bank account.

4 - Then, do not enter any of your online banks, if you enter your online bank will block you.

Plus, there are a lot of difficulties. Let's get rid of these difficulties. You must buy a VPN IP with money. No problem from now on.

4. How to use these VPNs.

These VPNs are very easy to use, you can use any VPN Apps by going to Play Store. And, there is no problem if you use VPN with money.

some example : , vpn city, nero vpn....etc..

If you have any questions please comment below.. we will try to answer of your questions as soon as we can.

Thank you for reading the post. 

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