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YouTube SEO: How to increase YouTube video views in 2022 - youtube seo tool rank your video

YouTube SEO

There is no alternative to YouTube Video SEO to increase YouTube video views. To increase video views, you need to properly SEO the videos in your YouTube channel. If, despite the quality of the content in your video is not required to consider, you are not the proper SEO video. The only proper YouTube video SEO can increase the video views of your YouTube channel.Ranking youtube userioner is the best.

 How to rank youtube videos fast ?

When we hear about SEO, we think only of Google search engine. But now YouTube search engine has become very popular along with Google search engine. Because people are now using Google as well as YouTube to find the information they need.

These two search engines have different algorithms for search engine optimization (SEO). The Google search engine uses one type of algorithm for ranking content and the YouTube search engine uses a different type of algorithm for video ranking. SEO of YouTube videos is a lot easier than blogging. If you want, you can easily do YouTube video SEO by following some tricks.Here you get youtube seo tool to make your video youtube videos fast. 

One thing that you all know clearly is that the more viewers videos on YouTube channel, the more revenue Google AdSense will earn. YouTube is the easiest and reliable platform to earn money online. YouTube does not require the kind of experience that is usually required to make money online by blogging. A person can only capture various scenes with his own camera: if he can upload good quality videos, he will be able to earn money from YouTube without any additional experience. In addition, you can make money from YouTube by making tutorial videos on topics you know well. To my knowledge, there is no other platform to make money from the internet as easy.

There are some types of YouTube videos that have a lot of competition. Particularly there is a little competition among those sharing tutorial type videos. Because such videos are uploaded on YouTube in large numbers. And for those who upload light images of various amazing things in nature on YouTube, this competition is low. For example - people who share videos with Wildlife have less competition and more popularity of that type of video, so it is easier to get a lot of viewers. If you can upload such videos, you can easily gain popularity of your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Video SEO? /what is youtube seo ?

You need to understand SEO before understanding YouTube video SEO. Actually I do not want to discuss in this post what is SEO or what is SEO. Because there are some detailed posts about SEO on our blog. If you read those posts, you will get to know the details about SEO,using youtube for seo.

youtube seo meaning :

However, in short, search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy for any search engine (like Google, Bing and YouTube) to be at the top of the search results or on the first page or top 10 of the first page. In other words, the job of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the number of visitors by showing a blog or YouTube channel above all search results. Because you know, there are millions of posts and videos on Google and YouTube of anything. When you search by typing something on Google or YouTube, you collect the necessary information from the post on the first page of the search results. In this case, you do not need to visit the page or post 4-5 to know the required information. For this reason, people who work online do their job very carefully to get their blogs and videos to the top of the first page of search results to increase visitors.

 what is youtube optimization ?

As I said earlier, the algorithms of YouTube and Google search engines differ. So in case of video, you need to do YouTube search engine optimization without Google search engine optimization. YouTube SEO is a process of YouTube search engine optimization. In other words, YouTube SEO does the work of dropping all videos related to your topic on YouTube and coming to the top.

How to do YouTube Video SEO?

Before making a video you need to start doing YouTube video SEO. Then there are some steps to do YouTube video SEO that have to be followed to rank the videos. In this case, if you think you will make a video first, then upload the video and start doing SEO, then you will never be able to rank the video on YouTube. For that, I will now discuss how to do a proper SEO and increase the number of video views, including increasing the rank of YouTube have to know all youtube growth hacks to rank your video on youtube. 

1. Video keyword research

Keyword research is very important for video ranking. There is a post on my blog about how to do keyword research. But since you are working here on YouTube, you need to research keywords on YouTube videos and think about keywords. Keyword research from Google is not very important here. There are many tools available for keyword research online. Almost all versions of all equipment that are of good quality are paid for. I can tell you the names of many devices but you cannot use them for free without can give youtube seo services to people.

 Here are some popular keyword research tools:

  • ·         Ahrefs
  • ·         Semrush
  • ·         Kwfinder

All three are the most popular SEO tools available online. You can use any of these three to rank any video or post spontaneously. I spent seven dollars using the trial version of the Ahrefs tool for seven days. There are so many features inside this device that I am surprised to see. These tools make it easy to know what you need to do to rank a post or video from beginning to end. But the surprising thing is that if you want to use it, then you have to spend at least that 50 a month.


If you do not want to spend money, you can easily do keyword research for free with Google Keyword Planner. However, if you only want to research the keywords of YouTube videos, you will not need Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Research with Ahrefs Tools

The popular Ahrefs tools are currently only offering free keyword research.Find keywords on youtube videos. Do you think -

  • how to use ahrefs for youtube ?

 Ahrefs is a vip tools youtube. It helps you a lot.However, there may not be such an opportunity in the future. To do keyword research, first click on the link Ahrefs Tools.It is youtube keywords tips that you can use ubbersuggest as well as Ahrefs.

YouTube SEO keywords are searched to find the amount of keywords on YouTube, so other keywords related to this are shown below, including the number of searches on YouTube per month. So by using the free version of this awesome tool you can easily get an idea about the keywords in your can give a keyword research service on youtube seo service as well.

Keyword Research Using YouTube Search

You can easily use YouTube search engine to get ideas about keywords. To get ideas about keywords from YouTube, type the keywords you want into the YouTube search engine.

Searching through YouTube SEO shows all the keywords associated with it. Here are the keywords that are usually found by typing in a video. So if you want from YouTube search engine, you can easily do keyword research and get an idea about keywords. Select popular keywords from YouTube

If you do not have a clear idea about what the video will be about, then you can easily think of the popular keywords of the time from any popular YouTube channel. To do this, go to any popular or your favorite channel. Click Sort from the Videos tab of the popular YouTube channel and click on the most popular option, all popular videos from that channel will be shown continuously. That way, if you want, you can get ideas about popular keywords before making any video.

2. YouTube Video Adaptation:

There are many parts to YouTube video optimization. In this part we will discuss in a point-by-point manner what kind of SEO is required when making a video from the moment you upload it.

Creating Good Quality Content

Content online is king everywhere. Whether you are blogging or working on YouTube, your content should be of good quality. Because in a competitive world where it is not possible to work with good quality content in competition, you cannot succeed by working with generic content in any way. So you need to make a video on the subject with the most experience. The style of presenting the content in the video should also be good.Try to make content google trends topic.

Making interesting videos

Creating professional quality videos through video editing is a very important part of making tutorial videos. In this case, you can learn the work of advanced video editing software from any organization. The better you can present videos by adding different types of visual effects, the more visitors you will be able to catch on your channel.

Background music in video

In addition to editing the video well, put some interesting music in the background of the video. This will increase viewers' interest in the video. However, keep in mind that when the video has its own sound, the sound of the music should not exceed your sound. When making tutorials using your voice, try to present in smart, beautiful and sublime language, avoiding regionalism.

Talking about the importance of video

When making a video, do not just talk about the content, talk about the importance and necessity of the product or content in the video. Then a visitor will easily be attracted to your video. In a word, you have to be skillful and smart in making videos.

Comment and subscribe to the video

You will always be asked to subscribe to the channel in the video space. In addition, you will encourage viewers to comment and would like to let us know how you liked the video. Because the more likes and comments a video receives, the more important it is to the audience, including the search engine.

Increase like and like in video

Talking inside the video, you will be invited to like and subscribe. If your video has a lot of likes as well as some dislikes, both would like to increase traffic. Because if the video has more likes than dislikes, it doesn't make sense. YouTube believes that there is something good in the video for which there are likes and dislikes. However, if like is more than this, it may be contrary to interest. In this case, you should pay attention to the quality of your video. Then there will be no more hatred.

Name the correct file in the video:

After creating the video, before uploading it to YouTube, write the name of the video in such a way that it matches the content of the video. If you create a play and name the video as a tutorial, the chances of getting the first video's view are reduced. Write the title of the video neatly according to the subject on which you have made the video.

Customize Video Title

The most important thing is to use our targeted keywords in the title of the video. Because YouTube can understand the subject of the video by reading your keyword in the title of your video. So if you do not use targeted keywords in your video title, YouTube will not understand your video. This way your video will not appear in the right place for the right keyword in the search results. Therefore, you should use the keyword in the video title to create a video by targeting the keyword.

Video tag customized

Most new YouTubers don't care because they don't understand. After uploading the video, you will see an empty box to give the tag below the description. There is an option to write short tags. All you have to do is select the category of your video, that is, you will select around 10-12 tags or types of your video type. This way the search engines will be able to understand the type of your video easily.optimize youtube tags for youtube seo.Index youtube video as soon as possible.

The following two browser extensions can be used to select the correct and appropriate tags. Both of these extensions support Google Chrome.There are some best youtube seo software.

  1. ·         TubeBuddy
  2. ·         VidIQ Vision

You can use any you like. Both are very dear to me. These two browser extensions work almost identically. So you can easily sort your video tag using any one.

How to sort YouTube video tags with TubeBody?

First of all you need to install TubeBuddy Browser Extention in Google Chrome browser from the link given above.

After installing, you will need to sign in using your YouTube account.

Then search for the keyword that requires you to tag your video on YouTube.

Then if you go to the video that will show first, the TubeBody extension will show the tags for that video. Here you can use the tag marked with the green number in your video.

In the same way you can select the required tag for your video by checking the tag of some more popular videos in this regard.

Interesting video thumbnail provided

Research of watching videos on YouTube shows that more than 80% of people start watching videos by watching a thumbnail of a YouTube video. Many YouTubers say that the more interesting Thumbnail videos are used, the more popular their videos become. If you spend 3 hours making a video, you will spend a minimum of 1 hour making a thumbnail. Because the thumbnail of the video briefly describes what the video will look like. So the thumbnails have to be made interesting by matching the subject of the video.

Enter the correct keyword in the video description

As soon as the video is uploaded, you will see an empty box to write a description below the video. Here you have to write the description in at least 08-10 lines. Write a short description of the articles that can be searched about your video. It basically acts like a meta description tag. When someone searches for something matching the subject of your video on YouTube, if you don't find that keyword in the title and find it in the description, the video is likely to return to the search results.

Create video playlist

You can create a one-by-one playlist of all videos in a category on your YouTube channel. By creating different playlists, visitors can easily watch all the videos they need from your YouTube channel. create a seo friendly playlist youtube.

Use captions in video:

After uploading the video, you can use closed captions in the video using the YouTube video editor. You can show the voice of the video in writing by adding captions to the video. In this way, a viewer will be able to hear the sound of the video as well as understand the subject of the video in writing. In addition, various text links can be added via annotations. In this case, the viewer will be willing to watch another video if he / she likes it after watching your video. This will easily increase the viewership of your various videos.

3. YouTube Video Promotion:

We already know about YouTube video keyword research and video optimization. You don't need to sit after doing the above things. To share videos made in return for their hard work in various ways to reach the audience quickly. There is a need to popularize videos by sharing more on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various blogs and websites.

Connecting VD to another channel:

If you have a good relationship with any other popular channel of the type you are making a video about, you can share your video on that channel. If you have the opportunity to do this on a popular channel, your video will become popular very quickly.

Quick Sharing:

When you upload a video, you will automatically start sharing the video without leaving. Because if your channel is new, no one will know about the newly uploaded video. As soon as you upload for it, you will continue to share it through various mediums including social media. This will enable at least 7 media crawlers to get some ideas about your video and bring in some visitors. As your video gets older and there is no increase in share and viewership, the value of the video for search engines will decrease.

Notify via email:

You can collect email addresses of some individuals and organizations that regularly join online and tell them about your video by mail. This will increase the viewership of your video as well as create a kind of communication with everyone. If you can do that, then you will definitely get some traffic in your video.

Share on social media

Social media has an important role in increasing traffic both in blogging and YouTube. If you can increase followers by creating a page called YouTube channel on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, you can easily increase the audience of the video.

Share on blogs and websites:

You can also increase the audience by sharing videos on good blogs of your acquaintances or friends. Nowadays you can easily create your blog through Google Blogspot. In this case, you can increase the audience of the video by sharing videos from your YouTube channel as well as some articles about the video.

Join the interview:

You can join interviews or talk shows as invited guests on various small and large YouTube channels to make your channel more popular. Doing so will create a community with different YouTubers. Also, if possible, you can increase the popularity of the channel as well as the view of the video and invite popular YouTubers to your studio as a guest and upload that video to your channel .

How to increase YouTube video views?

Seo optimizer youtube is always best.After discussing and analyzing all of the above, now you have to understand what to do to enhance the video view of YouTube channel? If you follow all the above tips except uploading good quality videos, then you can become a good YouTuber in a few days. Keep in mind that without a good quality video, you cannot increase the audience in any way. It will not be possible to increase viewership by uploading any type of video. There are some YouTubers in Bangladesh who think that it is possible to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos of other people from different sites. Never go to work YouTube does not accept any type of copied video. However, by following the Fair Usage policy, you can use parts of other people's videos. There are several rules in this case which I will discuss in another post.

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