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What is outsourcing? How to learn outsourcing? earn money online from outsourcing - smart duniya

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There is a lot of curiosity among the people of our country about outsourcing with a focus on online income. Many of us need the flame of outsourcing to make money online! Again, most people consider outsourcing to mean making money from the Internet. There are also those who think that outsourcing is to earn some extra money to be online outside of their main job. In other words, outsourcing takes out another source of income to make another income!


There are also some people who understand freelancing to mean outsourcing. Most people in our country are confusing the two issues of outsourcing and freelancing. I have seen many good  blogs which have described various ways to make money from outsourcing without a good understanding of outsourcing and freelancing. In fact, outsourcing and freelancing are two different things.


Outsourcing does not mean creating other income outside the main source of income. Earning money outside of your main job or earning other income outside of your main job and outsourcing is not a thing. There are many differences between the two. Online income and outsourcing are two completely different things. If you make money online from outside your main income or if you make money online by freelancing, it is not outsourcing.


  • What is outsourcing? 
  • What are Outsourcing Websites? 
  • How to learn outsourcing? Or do you need to learn outsourcing?

 We will discuss in today's post whether there is a difference between outsourcing and freelancing, etc.


Before discussing outsourcing, let us see what the various popular blogs and websites in our country are saying about outsourcing or how to define outsourcing.

Outsourcing or freelancing is an independent or free profession. In other words, outsourcing is the name of earning income by working independently or independently or by another organization without any work pressure of any organization or company.

Look at the above definition a little better. Here outsourcing and freelancing are defined in two ways. This means that outsourcing is a free profession and also an independent profession. So from the above definition of Tech tunes, it is clear that there is no difference between outsourcing and freelancing.


Now we will see what is outsourcing and what is freelancing? Is there really a difference between the two? At the same time, we will discuss in detail whether outsourcing and freelancing are the two liberation professions.

What is outsourcing?

Without directly defining the issue of outsourcing, I am trying to give you a clear idea about outsourcing through an example. After reading the example, you will understand what outsourcing is.

Example- Suppose you have a pharmaceutical company. You can do all the marketing work in your company which includes preparing medicines with all the employees of your company. In this case, you do not need to seek the help of anyone other than the people of the company to start and market your medicine.


But if your company ever needs to create a website, you cannot do this with your company's employees. Because people working for pharmaceutical companies usually do not know how to create a website. In this case, you have to contact a web developer to create a website.


Now you can build a website by contacting a web developer in two ways. One is to create a website by speaking directly and the other is to make a website by contacting the freelancer online. Whether you do it online or offline, you can contact a web developer.


Here you should have a good look at this issue, as you worked through the contacts without hiring a web developer in your company, so you will save a lot of money here. A web developer had to pay a lot of money every month to hire a company to build a website. But working through contacts will greatly reduce your costs.

Now let's get to the point. There are two aspects to creating a website. One side is you and the other side is web developer. The work you have done with the web developer from external sources without hiring a web developer in your company is outsourcing and the person who has worked online is a freelancer.


Simply put, you outsourced your work to an external source instead of your company. Here you are an outsourcer and as a customer of the person you worked with, you are outsourced. On the other hand, the person who did your work is a freelancer. This means that the person who has earned money by working for your company, never outsourcing. you're so!

What is outsourcing in simple language?

In a word, outsourcing is the act of outsourcing a work to a person from a source other than yourself. In other words, outsourcing is the name given to the work done by freelancers through the Internet. And the people who do this outsourcing work are called freelancers.


However, outsourcing is done only with the help of internet and freelancers. Outsourcing also involves outsourcing of any work to the company through contact without having to hire anyone to the company via offline except offline.

Why is outsourcing done?

Suppose you have a company and your company has a total of 25 employees. Do video editing work with 10 of them, web development work with 10 more people and office management work with the remaining 5 people. But it turns out that your company is required to design 1/2 logo every month.


But employees of your company cannot keep the logo with them because they do not know how to design the logo. In this case, you are required to design a logo in a very short period of time per month, so you do not want to have a logo designer in the company keeping in mind the cost. Because if a logo designer is permanently hired in the company, he will have to pay a lot of money every month.


You can then hire an outside company's logo designer to save on the company's costs. In this way, you can make your company's logo every month at a lower cost without paying it, so the cost to your company will be very low. Basically, outsourcing is done to reduce the cost of any company and to get work done at low cost.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing has many benefits for small and medium enterprises. Outsourcing has many advantages, especially in areas of business that do not need to be regulated. The notable benefits of outsourcing are-

1. Skilled man

Having different freelancing marketplaces allows you to work with skilled people from any part of the world. Skilled and experienced people are connected to the internet in different parts of the world, so people have no problem doing any work. You can search for someone of your choice on the Internet and hire it for your outsourcing job.

2. Cost of outsourcing is very low

No matter how much you outsource to anyone at home or abroad, outsourcing can be done for much less money than hiring someone in a full job. Small business owners in particular can work through outsourcing at the time of their choice and convenience.

3. It can be done quickly

Since outsourcing work is usually contractual, any work can be done quickly. Because all freelancers who do outsourcing work try to get any work done quickly. This is why it is possible to do the work of any company quickly and in a short time through outsourcing.

4. Can be used on time

Usually the employees of the company do not work in the business organization except for the fixed time. But with outsourcing, you can work at any time. You can outsource various office functions, especially when the office is closed.

5. Business Scaling Outsourcing

Another benefit is to keep the business at scale. Reducing the burden of responsibility on employees will allow them to spend free time to help their business grow. The business cannot grow if the business is used during business. For this, outsourcing plays an important role in growing their own business by working with others.

Can work be outsourced?

The real objective of outsourcing is to save money and time in business wherever possible. The works that can be outsourced following this policy are-

    • Accounting and bookkeeping
    • sales and marketing
    • copy writing
    • Design and manufacturing
    • Administration and Back Office Support
    • customer service
    • Web development
    • website maintenance
    • graphic design

How to learn outsourcing?

As far as you know from reading this post, it is clear that there is nothing to learn from outsourcing. Because money is not made through outsourcing, the company is made to work with various freelancers through outsourcing. Hence there is no need to learn anything for outsourcing. But you have to learn a lot to become a freelancer.

Outsourcing website

There are thousands of online marketplaces for companies to find freelancers through outsourcing. First of all you need to find a good quality freelancer to outsource from one of the best marketplaces. If you search for any of the following markets, you will find good quality freelancers for outsourcing.

Fiver - Fiverr.Com

Upwork - Upwork.Com - Freelancer.Com

Guru - Guru. Com

Toptal - Toptal.Com

How to make money from outsourcing?

See, nothing has to be said about the income from outsourcing. Companies that are outsourcing their work to freelancers at a low cost. Paying for a job is common here, but work can be done for a small amount of money through outsourcing. But there is no point in making money through outsourcing.


If you want to work for others, you need to become a freelancer. Your income has nothing to do with outsourcing here. This is why you do not have the opportunity to make money through outsourcing.

Last word :

Outsourcing is a very common subject. I had no desire to write a post on this subject. But I sat down to write posts to clarify the issue after writing vague brands about online outsourcing and freelancing to various  blogs.


I believe that after reading the post, at least you have realized that freelancing and outsourcing are not the same thing from now on. At the same time, online income does not mean outsourcing and freelancing does not mean outsourcing, it has also become clear.


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