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How to write a Killer Buyer request in fiverr ? write Bid proposal on Upwork &

After creating a new profile and gig on Fiverr and publishing it, it takes more or less 72 hours to show it in the search list. However, if the luck is good, many people immediately come to the search results. After coming to the search results, it takes a little longer to fix the ranking and get the first order from there. For some it is 1-2 days, for some it is 10-15 days or for some it may be more than 6 months. Everything is considered to match your destiny and other things around you.


write a killer buyer request on fiverr

If you wish, you can start receiving your order from the day you published the gig without having to wait so long. And that is by applying to the Buyer Request. I got my first order from Buyer Request. There are many videos on YouTube to know how to apply in Buyer Request. You can take a look. How to apply buyer request in fiverr.

However, the thing that is taught in those videos is to post fake jobs as fake buyers and copy the idea of ​​writing messages from other sellers' responses. To me it seems a nonsense. If I personally receive such a buyer request after applying, if I see that he is a new seller, I kill the report in his ID.


Writing a message in Buyer Request is a big problem for newcomers! I myself was very confused about this subject when I was new. So I wrote something for newcomers from my own experience. Hopefully many will benefit.


First of all, when will I get the buyer request?


Buyers usually post jobs in foreign countries in the morning, noon and evening. Accordingly, their morning means our evening 7-9 o'clock, their noon or lunch hour means our night 1-3 o'clock, their evening or night means our morning 9-11 o'clock. Apart from these times, you can also see at other times if a Buyer Request is available. Now let's talk about what message to write to the buyer. Never write anything robotic type in buyer request. This means that when you read the text, you don't feel like it's a robot. Sending a thousand such requests will not be profitable.


First of all, read carefully what the buyer has written. Understand first what he wants to do. See if you can do that job well. See how long the work will take. If you see everything and understand that you can, then apply in the request.


What to write?


Something that is different from the other 10 people. Something that just doesn't seem robotic. Something that the buyer will be forced to come to your profile later. It seems that you have applied for the job after paying close attention to the request of the buyer.

If these are not appropriate, the buyer will drop the proposal without reading it. Because you are writing the same kind of memorized common text as everyone else.


Notice the following Buyer Request-


I am interested in preparing a two-sided brochure that contains a conference schedule, map, and notes section. I have example design. Can you turn this around in one-two days in psd format?


Here it is said that he will need a double sided brochure design for a conference schedule and it will take half a day. He has also added a sample design which will give you an idea of ​​what kind of design you like. The source file of his design will be in psd format.


What do you write now?


Hi Sir / Madam, I am Mr,x. I can do your work. please give me the order. I am new please give the order. I will satisfy you with my work. Hen ten habi jabi blah blah blah ... there is no profit. I get horse eggs because I write like this. I can't find work anymore.


You can write like this ...


Hi, I just saw your job post that you are looking for a DOUBLE Side BROCHURE for your conference Schedule. I have seen your attachment. I can make that brochure design within a FEW HOURS in PSD Format. And I will charge (write your budget) for that. If its ok for you then please INBOX ME for further discussion. I will be happy to help you. Here’s my portfolio: (link to your portfolio) Thank you.

If you write in this way, the buyer will understand that you have actually read his writing well. Then he is forced to knock you if your fortune is good. The main topics in your writing will be written in the Capital Letter as I have in the above article. The main things will attract the attention of the buyer. For example, time, budget, what to design, you will capitalize these things you are asked to inbox.


Another problem is that the buyer request does not last long on Fiverr. So it will not be possible to write so much and send it immediately. So you can write 3/4 of the demo text in advance and save it in the word file. After reading the request, just change the name of the design and the time or budget and send it by copy and paste. I told you at the beginning to watch the video on how to send.


However, do not use the same text for a long time. Change the type of writing. Write the same thing in a different way and make it 3/4 again.


There is no need to say anything to the buyer Sir / Madam. He is not your boss that you will call him Sir / Madam and remove the foam on your face. You can start with Hi or Hi there or Hello. Think of the buyer as a friend, not a boss. Then it will be convenient to work.


In the end I will say that you have to be good in English. To understand English and to write in English, you have to be as good as you need to be. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Because you wrote a beautiful buyer request but you made 101 grammatical mistakes in it. But then there will be no gain. The buyer will run after seeing your wrong English, why don't you offer to work for free! So English is a very important subject here.


Another thing that I wrote the demo text is that not everyone will start copying and pasting again. Use your brain to write something like this.


Everything is written from my own experience. So it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made. The comment box is open ... you can write!


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