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How to make money online on google ?

This reckless emperor of the Internet world has changed the way he works around the world using hundreds of online products, including his search engine. After establishing a reign on the computer’s 14-inch screen, it has begun to reign in the mobile world with the help of its Android OS.


earn money online -google

Everywhere, from Google Office desktops to mobiles in your shirt pocket. Google has also changed the way it makes money and does business. Ready to incorporate the whole world into its workforce, this business giant has given everyone plenty of opportunities to make money for themselves without any investment and the best thing is that you can make this money sitting at home. Yes, you heard right, you can make this money right from home and believe me it is not a fraud or a false promise. Millions of people around the world are making money at home with the help of Google, from students, housewives to well-known professionals in their field.


Google's main job is to ensure its users' accessibility online. In that case, if you do any kind of creative work, Google may pay you instead. Let's make it a little easier. If you write well, Google can give you a big chunk of advertising revenue by showing your ad to the reader along with your article.

What will be done for this?


The only way to make money from Google ads is through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is like opening your account on Google from where Google will give you the code of your ad link, which you can make money by keeping your online medium. You can use media like articles, audio and video to make money. Attempts have been made to further explain how we can use them. Before that, learn how to create your Google AdSense account.

How to start your online business? (How to start an online business at home)


Before creating an AdSense account, it is important to have your own blog, website or YouTube channel in order for your original content to reach users. Our advice for beginners is to start with the Blogger blog. Here is some of the earnings through Google.


How to make money through blogs

Bloggers are designed for people who have a hobby of writing, who have very limited technical knowledge but who have the ability to make their work accessible to more people on the Internet. Blogger is very easy to work with because its user console is very similar to Microsoft Office Word.


How to create a Blogger account? (How to create an account on Blogger)


Creating an account on Blogger is easy and if you already have a Gmail account you don't have to worry about signing up.


Those who have a Gmail account can go to and create their own Blogger account using their Gmail login and password.

Those who do not have a Gmail account can go to Blogger's homepage and create a Blogger account for themselves using the signup option. Once you learn how to blog, once you learn how to make the best use of your blog, then you can change the address of the blog with your own domain name by purchasing your domain name. By doing this your blog is ready to display Google AdSense ads and if the user reads your content and clicks on these ads then Google gives you a share of your earnings per click.


How To Make Money From Advertising On My Website On Your Website

In addition to blogs, you can make money from your website through your website. We recommend that WordPress be the easiest way to build your website. Its first feature is that its user interface is very simple, and it provides a lot of plugins for online marketing of content, most of which are free. In addition to these you will also find many cheaper options for hosting your content. Read how to create a website here.


How to make money through youtube through youtube channel

YouTube is another powerful way to make money from Google. If you manage to attract users by uploading your entertaining or informative videos, Google may pay you for it. For this you need to enable monetization of your video and it will be published from Google AdSense account. For this, it is important to create a YouTube channel from your own account, from which you created your AdSense account.


How to create an AdSense account? (How to create an account with Google AdSense)


Signing up for a Google AdSense account is as easy as creating an email account for yourself. To do this you need to follow the points given below-


Go to Google AdSense's homepage, where you'll find sign-up options to monetize your content page.

Next, you complete the signup process with your Gmail account by specifying the website on which you want to display Google ads.

Users have their own webhosting, their signup process is advised to use their website special email, so the AdSense account is likely to be approved quickly.

Be careful when entering your address when completing the signup process, as Google will send you the code to activate the account in a closed envelope at this address.

After completing the signup process, Google notifies you of account approval via notification.

After that, you receive the envelope at your given address through Google, carefully open it and submit the code to your account and you are ready to place the Google ad on your site.

How to place ads on your site (How to place ads on my website)


Google lets you generate code to display ads on your website or blog. All you have to do is login to your AdSense account and go to the My Ad option and click on Create New Ad and you can design the ad according to your needs and make money and place it on your website or blog.

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