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Blogging VS YouTube: Which One is More Profitable for you ? - smart duniya

For those who want to work online, the two questions that come to mind about blogging and YouTube is whether I should start blogging or make a YouTube video. In this case, will blogging be better or will YouTube be better, can I make more money by blogging or can I make more money from YouTube? Is it easy to earn revenue from YouTube or blog site? Today we will remove the dilemmas and doubts of all those who have these questions in their head.


Blogging VS YouTube: Which One is More Profitable?

Nowadays if someone is asked, do you want to earn money online? Then he would say in a sentence, of course I would. Because everyone wants to taste the earnings at home and the fun is different. Furthermore, due to the availability of computers and the Internet at the present time, many people are showing interest in earning money online and many are succeeding in their work.

If you are good at making videos as well as writing content, you can continue blogging and YouTube together. If you can do both of these things together, you can benefit the most. But if you do not have the skills or enough time to do two things together, then you have to read carefully from beginning to end to know which one is better for you.

What is YouTube?

You will know that YouTube is the most popular and largest platform for video sharing, managed by Google itself. Any type of video can be uploaded here as per YouTube rules. Just as a blogger spends his thoughts and talents sharing articles on the blog, YouTuber spends his talents directly sharing all the articles via video.


You would be surprised to know that an average of 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube and about 30 million people watch videos every day. In addition, millions of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. You will be even more surprised to know that an average of 300 minutes of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

YouTube for Money Earnings:

Currently, YouTube is not the only medium to watch or share videos. If you want YouTube, you can easily monetize your videos and make money by showing Google Adsense ads on videos.

How does YouTube pay?

Usually when a video is being played, different types of ads are shown according to the content of the video and the quality of the content. In this case, Google usually pays YouTuber by calculating ad views and clicks (CPC, CTR, RPM). Simply put, the more views a video has, the more revenue it has. I have several well-known Bangladeshi and Kolkata YouTubers, who are earning Rs 2-3 lakh a month.


What are the ways to earn money from YouTube?

Google Adsense is usually the main source of income for YouTuber. In addition, popular YouTube channels can make money from a few more sources. like

    • Google adsense.
    • affiliate marketing.
    • Sponsorship, etc.

This is the core subject of YouTube. Let's first discuss the basics of blogging.

What is blogging?

Blogging is an easy way to express one's talent, knowledge and opinion just like YouTube. The main difference between the two is that blogging is about publishing everything by writing articles on the blog. On the other hand, you can express your views through live conversations on YouTube. The person writing on the blog is called a blogger.


In the case of blogging in general, many people think that creating a blog is a very complex task. But if you want, you can easily create your blog in just 5 minutes. It is also a pleasure to have your blog online.

Blogging for Wealth Income:

Blogging is one of the simplest, most popular and one of the best ways to earn money online. Long-term income can be earned by writing articles on the blog. If a blog has 1000 visitors per day, it will be able to make more money than the channel with 1 million visitors and 1 million subscribers to YouTube.

What are the ways to earn money through blogging?

Google Adsense is the only source of income for most new bloggers. However, those who have minimum 1000 visitors per day on the blog can easily earn money if they want through Adsense as well as various other mediums. like

    • Adsense.
    • affiliate marketing.
    • Direct ad placement.
    • Other ad networks like- and Infolinks.
    • Sponsorship, etc.

So far we have been discussing revenue opportunities for YouTube and blogging. Now we will discuss the similarities and differences between the two.

What do blogging and YouTube have in common?

There are some similarities between blogging and YouTube.

1. Original Content:

Whether you are blogging or working on YouTube, you need to share fresh, unique and original content in both cases. You cannot succeed with any kind of fake or copyrighted material.

2. hard work:

You cannot benefit on any platform without working hard. In this case, if you are blogging, you need to publish good quality articles on the blog regularly. Likewise, if you work with YouTube, you need to make regular videos. This means that no matter where you work, you will have to work regularly with computers, laptops, mobiles and cameras. The more you work, the faster you can succeed.

3. Lots of studies:

No matter whether you work on blogging or YouTube, in order to maintain new articles, you need to maintain good content by constantly browsing through various mediums including the Internet. Because sharing only nine or six content on the Internet does not pay off. Your article will be popular only when you present one topic with more explanation, analysis and examples than others.

4. Awaiting Results:

No matter which platform you work on, you need to be patient and work long hours to be successful. There is no such thing as blogging or YouTube. If you can share good quality articles, visitors and search engines will find your content and videos. For that you have to be patient and continue to work carefully.

5. Spend some money:

If you want to make a normal YouTube video, you can do it with mobile and simple headphones. Similarly, in case of blogging, you can easily create your blog with Google Blogspot.


However, if you want to make a good quality video, then as you will need some materials, in case of professional blogging you will have to spend some money to gather the content. like


Making a YouTube video will require a good camera, light and a good mic. On the other hand, you will need to purchase hosting and domains for professional blogging. In this case, whether you work with blogging or YouTube, you will have to spend some extra money.

What is the difference between blogging and YouTube?

There are some similarities and differences between blogging and YouTube. We will now briefly summarize the main differences between the two as points.


To do professional blogging, you need to buy domain and hosting. However, if you want to blog in person, you can blog for free with Google Blogspot.

A blogger can upload articles, audio, videos and pictures to various resource blogs.

A blog can be independently created to your liking. Blogs can be customized using various plugins if necessary.

You have a shelf hosted blog. You will have full control of the blog.

Different types of advertisements can be used online by blogging. Even a blogger can show on a blog with advertisements from the client.

Some complex tasks to manage and maintain a blog. Blogging is not possible without minimal information about blog design and maintenance.


YouTube does not have to pay to upload videos. Because there is no problem like buying Domain and Hosting. YouTube provides free unlimited storage for video uploading.

No resources other than videos can be uploaded to YouTube.

No design can be done here (but there is no need for design).

Since YouTube is a Google host, it is not possible to establish full ownership. The channel can be suspended at any time for violating YouTube rules.

The source of income on YouTube is very less compared to blogs.

You do not need much knowledge while uploading videos, you need enough knowledge to make and edit videos.

Blogging or YouTube in terms of revenue?

Are you clear with the above discussion and analysis, blogging or YouTube, which is perfect for you? Blogging can be used to earn money online. On the other hand, YouTube is currently the easiest and most popular means of earning money. So you cannot leave out either of these two in any way.


After all these discussions, you may be wondering if there was any confusion about the main content of the post. Wait a while, all your doubts will go away. So far, I have only discussed blogging and YouTube in the current context. This gives you a clear idea of ​​the current state of blogging and YouTube.


Blogging or YouTube would be perfect for you, given the current context or future thinking, we will discuss it now.

Blogging or YouTube for you?

Should I start blogging in 2020 or launch a YouTube channel? This is a very common question for those who are currently thinking of doing something new online! Many people think that since all types of videos are currently available on YouTube, blogging without launching a YouTube channel is very silly. They feel that now people search on YouTube more than Google. But you might not know that even in 2020, people are giving more priority to Google in search of information. People search for information on Google many times on YouTube. So one thing is for sure, YouTube is never more popular than Google. Because YouTube is a part of Google. As you can see, Google is one of the most popular blogs in the world today. So Google will continue to value blogging in the future.


From the above discussion, it is clear that the popularity of blogging is not over yet and the popularity of blogging will not go away in the future. Since there was no YouTube in the past, people only need blogs. Now that various solutions are available on YouTube, competition for blogs has increased.

Whether you are blogging now or YouTube, you face a lot of competition. Because there are so many blogs for Google search, there are also many videos on YouTube. Therefore, to be successful in both platforms, you have to defeat a lot of competitors and snatch success.

After so much discussion, I don't think you understand that Blogging or YouTube will be right for you !! However, I would say that you should continue to work with concentration and honesty on the two platforms that you experience the most and on which you have a great interest in working. Blogging or YouTube, wherever you work, when you can share good quality articles with others or present yourself better than others with analysis and examples, you can compete with others Can rank yourself in the popularity list. In this case, if you can give the time, opportunity, talent and labor to work together on both blogging and YouTube platforms, you can bring success in a short period of time.

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