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5 Best ways you can make money online from youtube .. HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM YOUTUBE ? –smart duniya




The twenty-first century is the audio-visual era. The Internet is the biggest revolution of this era. This will make it easier for people to communicate with you. It is used to inform people about his art and his skills. There are many types of social sites that are very helpful in this kind of work. Gradually it has become a huge medium. YouTube has played an important role in these mediums. With the help of this people are trying to reach very big and high dreams. Many people are making YouTube their source of income. His life is being deducted from the money earned from this. Many people dream of becoming YouTuber.

What is youtube ?

YouTube is a kind of social site, the main feature of which is 'video'. On this site, almost all kinds of videos, all kinds of movies are stored, which can be played and watched through the internet. This is a video sharing website based in San Bruno, USA. It came into existence on February 14, 2005, almost 12 years ago. Now its importance has increased a lot and it acts as a helpful tool for Google. On this website, a common man can upload his own channel, video, post, rate, share, report etc. If someone's favorite TV daily soap is missed, he can easily watch the missed episode according to his time. The best part is that it doesn't require any special registration or account to run, yes if the video is for adults only then you can prove to be an adult with your e-mail id. A variety of TV shows, reality shows, music videos, short films, documentaries, audio recordings, live performances, movie trailers, etc. are uploaded on this website.

History of youtube ?

YouTube founded by Chad Harley, Steve Chan and Javed Karim. All three had previously worked at PayPal. Harley designed from Indiana University and Chan and Karim studied computer science at the University of Illinois. Regarding these individuals, an incident has been repeatedly mentioned in the media. According to this, the two friends shot a few videos during the party at Chan's apartment, but they are not able to share these videos with anyone else. Annoyed by the problem, the two came up with the idea of ​​sharing the video, which was later shared on YouTube. According to Karim, Janet Jackson's 'Super Bowl Incident' in 2004 and the tsunami in 2004 hit the Indian Ocean. During the course of YouTube, he got the idea of ​​YouTube. In fact, Karim could not find the video clip of either of them, so he imagined a site with which the video could be easily shared. According to Chan and Harley, the original idea for YouTube came from an online dating service website and 'Hot and Notes'.


This company started with a very large budget. It started with about 11 11 million. It was between November 2005 and April 2006. The beginning of a Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California was its initial head quarters. Its initial domain name was, which was launched on February 14, 2005. The first video on the website was titled 'Me at the Zoo', where one of the company's founders, Javed Karim, was spotted at a zoo in San Diego. This video was uploaded to the website on April 23, 2005, which is still being watched with great interest twelve years later. Around May this year, features were added to make it easier for the general public to watch videos. Naik's promotional video on this website has become the first video to receive nearly ten million views. Ronaldinho worked on this campaign. In November of this year, Sequoia Capital placed $ 3.5 million on YouTube. This has made YouTube even more powerful. At the time, YouTube was getting about eight million views a day. This website was developing very fast. In July 200, the company announced that it was uploading 655,000 new videos a day. After that, YouTube videos started getting around 100 million views every day.


In 2014, the company announced that the website uploaded about 300 hours of video per minute, three times more than a year ago. Surprisingly, one-third of YouTube comes from outside the United States. The website gets about 800 million visitors per month. As of December 2016, YouTube is the world's second most used website and the world's number one TV website.

Youtube features

Playback: The Adobe Flash Player plug-in was initially used to play YouTube videos. In January 2010, a trial version of YouTube appeared, which did not require any separate software to run. With this version, using YouTube has become very easy. After that it became very easy to run YouTube in many other browsers.

Uploading: Any YouTube user can upload a maximum of fifteen minutes of video in the initial time. After that, depending on the quality of their videos and the response from people, they may be allowed to upload videos up to a maximum of twelve hours. Initially there was no such limit, but it was found that many people started uploading videos and long TV shows without any money. As a result, the 200-hour time limit was extended to ten minutes in March, and in 2010 it was extended to fifteen minutes. Using most modern YouTube, videos of 20 GB or more can be sent.

Quality and video format: YouTube supports various video formats. These include AVI, MP4, MPEG-PS, FLV, etc. YouTube initially provided videos in mono MP3 format with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. In 2007, YouTube also made 3GP format videos available for mobile play. A high quality mode was introduced in 2006, which provides video with a resolution of 460 by 360 pixels. In November 2008, 720p ACD support was added. Thus, the level of YouTube videos increased from 4: 3 to 16: 9 and worked very well on wide screens.

How to earn from youtube :

YouTube has become a very good way to earn. There are many subscription plans through which YouTube connects a lot of promotional campaigns to a good channel, which benefits the channel owner. Below are the ways to make money from YouTube.


  • The first task is to create a channel by logging in to YouTube. These channels are private, which no one else can run. A channel can be created with a YouTube account. A YouTube account is like a Google account. YouTube accounts can be connected to other Google locations, such as Google Drive or Gmail. This channel can be given a very interesting title, in the name of which the general public will be able to easily find the channel. Even better if the channel name is related to the content of the video. The username you are using affects you a lot. If the name is short and effective, people can easily remember and refer to it from other people, which will give your channel a better promotion. If not liked, the username can be changed later.
  • The uploader should remember that the uploaded item is of good quality, and should not be too long. Whatever the start, the effort should be that each subsequent video should be better than the previous one.
  • The quality of your video can be improved in many ways. It is very important to take special care of very good camera, good video editing, lighting etc.
  • By uploading videos continuously at very short intervals, a good number of viewers are gathered which makes the source of income even better.
  • The more visitors, the more revenue will increase, so the YouTube link should try to reach more and more people through its Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
  • The audience is left with their answers to the comments given by the viewers. Following their questions, their ideas and suggestions can be very helpful.
  • The most important way to make money on YouTube is to allow YouTube to add ads to your videos. After uploading a video, clicking the "Monetize tab" lets YouTube do it itself. In the same box, click on the '$' sign next to all these videos. Clicked videos have been monetized. It has edits and money as the viewership grows.
  • This will allow you to create an account on the 'Google Adkin' website. This account has been created for free. Here you have to give all the information asked by YouTube. Here either a 'PayPal' account or any other bank account is required. With this the customer has to provide his address. With the help of these informants, Edsin knows who you are and to whom Adkin will send money. Viewers are paid for every click and very few are paid for views. This is why the number of viewers should be very large to make money on YouTube.
  • If making videos is appropriate, it is very important to form a small team and share the work. This can be done very easily without any pressure.
  • It is important to examine the analyzes periodically. If the content doesn't seem to be working or the channel isn't popular, it's important to change the content of the video over time.
  • After launching YouTube, your videos need to be marketed in many other places. A website or blog can be created for this. In addition to these there are many other social sites on which your videos can be shared.
  • Along with so many things, you can also subscribe to YouTube. There are many benefits to being a partner. A YouTube partner gets a lot of help creating content from YouTube, as well as winning lots of prizes as a partner. To become a partner, a channel's videos must be viewed at least fifteen thousand times in the next 90 days.

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