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A brief solution to all the problems related to Google AdSense in the light of questions! Google Adsense problem slove - smart duniya

 Google AdSense is an Internet-based advertising agency operated by Google. AdSense is one of the most popular ways to earn money online using advertisements on blogs and websites. Still, some questions arise in everyone's mind, is this really true or possible? Can I always make money with Google AdSense? Can I continue with the money I earn from there?


google adsense problem

Our blog already contains a lot of posts about Google AdSense. Nevertheless, many people ask small questions at different times on the Facebook community page. Many times work busyness has to be avoided without answering those simple questions. That is why today I will present the answers to all the big and small questions in simple and comprehensible language to all through question based discussion.

Before starting this post, I would like to inform you that Google AdSense is supporting Bangla language since September 26, 2017. Those who are not yet aware of the subject can apply for Google AdSense through their Bangla blog. It should be noted that our blog is also using Google's advertisements by approving Google Adsense with Bangla content.

Basic questions about Google AdSense

Question: What is Google AdSense?

A: Google AdSense is an online based advertisement. Through which any person or organization can publish advertisements for its essential products. On the other hand, AdSense publishers can make money using advertisements on their websites.

Question: Is it possible to make money with Google Adsense?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is Adsense approval available from Bangla website?

A: Yes, AdSense is definitely approved on the Bungalow website. You can follow our blog as an example. However, prior to 2016, AdSense did not support the Bangla language.

Question: Is the Bangla website good or the English website is good for AdSense approval?

Answer: The two languages ​​are the same in terms of approval. However, more income can be earned through the English website than the Bengali website.

Question: I heard that it is very difficult to get Adsense from Asia?

A: This information is incorrect. Adsense can be easily approved from any country through a fully qualified blog.

Question: In Bangladesh or 6 months before AdSense was approved?

A: This is also not correct. However, it takes more than 6 months to make the blog fully suitable for AdSense. For this reason, experts forbid you to apply for AdSense before the blog is at least six months old. However, if you can qualify first, it is possible to get AdSense before 6 months.

Question: How many posts should be minimum before applying?

Answer: It is necessary to have at least 25/30 posts with good quality articles.

Question: What is the amount of AdSense approval for each post?

A: It is better to have 400/500 words in each post.

Question: Is AdSense approved with copied articles?

Answer: Nothing is approved by anyone and this is not possible in future!

Question: Is AdSense approved with Blogspot domain?

Answer: It was available before but it is not available recently. Google itself is advising you to apply for AdSense with top level domains.

What to do before applying for AdSense?

Q: Is it better to blog with Blogger or better with WordPress?

A: No matter who you are blogging with, AdSense will be equally important in terms of approval.

Q: Will I work with a custom theme or default theme?

A: It is better to work with a good custom theme.

Q: I heard that blogging with Blogspot does not produce good results?

A: This is not right. It does not matter if you have a good knowledge of web design and work with Blogspot to get a good ranking.

Q: Is dot com domain better or is dot net better?

A: I would always recommend having a dot com domain.

Question: How many characters in a domain name are better?

Answer: It is better to keep it from five letters to fifteen letters.

Q: What kind of topics will AdSense approve?

A: Google always prioritizes technology blogs?

Question: How about the blogspot tutorial as Nice?

A: Absolutely good. With writing about web design and SEO, you can expect to get AdSense quickly.

Q: If you do SEO or does AdSense get approved quickly?

A: Adsense should evaluate SEO blog properly. Because proper SEO blogs increase traffic from search engines.

Question: Is it mandatory for us to have a contact, privacy policy on the blog?

A: These give readers a clear idea of ​​your blog. So if you keep these pages then you will get good results. These pages are particularly important in popular blogs.

Question: Has Google AdSense been approved for news, video and free net?

One: They are very important for search engines. This is why AdSense is not approved in these topics. However, if you can make it popular, there is a possibility of achieving it.

Q: Will there be a problem publishing an image with unique content from Google?

A: If you do not use the logo image of any other website then there will be no problem. However, if someone reports about the picture on their blog, problems are likely to occur.

Q: There are enough unique articles on the site, but fewer visitors, in which case can AdSense be found?

A: Yes, because Google AdSense does not give much importance to site traffic. If there is good quality content, AdSense will be approved. In my opinion, if there are 50-100 page views per day, AdSense is approved.

Q: Is AdSense available with a .tk domain?

not answer.

Question: Do I need to create a check list before applying for AdSense?

A: Before applying for Google AdSense it is better to make some checklists. For example, 80–90 percent of all blog posts are unique and within Google policy. All the important pages of the blog are fine. Are 25-30 pages being indexed properly on the website. You need to check whether the design of the blog is SEO friendly or not. All necessary things should be kept in white side navigation and layout. If you rank well in some organic keywords in search engines, you will gain extra purity. If everything goes well, it is possible to get AdSense approval in a few days.

What is hosted and non-hosted AdSense?

Question: What does Hosted AdSense mean?

A: Hosted AdSense is Google Blogger, AdSense used by YouTube and AdMob.

Q: What does non-hosted AdSense mean?

Answer: Non-hosted AdSense is a Google AdSense account that is approved from its site.

Question: What is the effect of Alexa Rank for non-hosted AdSense?

not answer.

Question: Which niche is more approved for non-hosted AdSense from Bangladesh?

A: In most cases, it is possible to get approval with smartphone reviews, education results, and technology sites.

Q: What's the difference between hosted and non-hosted AdSense?

A: The main difference between the two is that Hosted is only approved by Google's BlogSpot, YouTube and AdMob. On the other hand, non-hosted ones have to be approved along with their blog / website.

Question: Can a hosted account be upgraded to a non-hosted account?

Answer: Yes, according to Google policy it is possible to create a blog and upgrade from a hosted account to a non-hosted account.

Question: How many hosts / websites can use the non-hosted account's AdSense code?

A: Can only be used on approved blogs. However, before 2019, more than 500 blogs / websites could be accessed. Now hostet and non-hostet accounts are of almost equal importance.

Multiple AdSense related questions

Question: Can I use subdomains for Google AdSense?

A: Yes you can, but first you have to get approval with top level domains, then you can use AdSense in subdomains.

Q: Will AdSense be approved on troll sites and what type of articles are required?

A: If you do not violate Google's policy, you can approve with 25/30 good quality posts. In this case you can create any product base and informative blog.

Question: Is it possible for most blog visitors to approve AdSense from Facebook?

A: AdSense will approve. However, visitors to the Google search engine are more valuable than visitors to Facebook. In that case, the importance of search engine optimization should be given.

Q: How do I stop Adsense from getting blocked and increase revenue?

A: To avoid being blocked by AdSense, you must follow the AdSense policy of blogging. In addition to increasing visitors to the blog to increase revenue, AdSense CTR, CPC and RPM rates need to be increased.

Question: What does a good article mean? What are the qualities of a good quality article? Is there any way to check whether the quality of the article is good or bad?

Answer: Clearly a good article means a unique and important article. Good quality articles are those which are in demand at all levels. With Google Keyword Planner you can easily verify the quality of the article.

Q: If my blog has 50 percent unique posts, can I get AdSense? Which is more important in getting AdSense approval, unique posts or visitors?

A: In this case, chances of getting AdSense approval are very low. In terms of AdSense approval, unique posts are given more importance than visitors.

Q: How do I create a blog privacy page? Will there be any problem if it arises with different devices online?

Answer: You can create a privacy page by creating various tools online. But make some adjustments to your blog. There will be no problem with this method.


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