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What is freelancing? How to be a successful freelancer?

If you are new to freelancing then I hope you will read this whole post in a little while. Because here I will discuss all the issues of freelancing. How does freelancing work? How to work? Where to learn? Here you can find out how to raise money.



So let's get started.

There is no saying at the beginning, "I will not explain in the language of any book, I will try to explain as easily as I can, if you make a mistake, forgive me." Or ignore.


What is freelancing?

In simple words, freelancing is a free profession. That means you can work freely, like you can work from home, you can work in the car, you can work on the roof, there are no rules, you can work at 2 o'clock at night, you can work again at 9 o'clock in the morning. You can.


How to start freelancing?

You must learn something before you start freelancing. And once you learn that thing, you need to start freelancing with that thing. 

Now the question is what will you learn?


What you learn is entirely up to you, because you ask yourself, "What do you know or can do?" Start the flame with whatever the mind will answer ”because freelancing can be started with any topic. If you know how to sing good songs, you can do freelancing with it, if you can take good photos, you can sell them and earn income, and if you know good English, you can start writing English.

Before starting freelancing, you must create good skills, now the question is again, what will you create skills with? So let's see what you can actually start or learn about freelancing.


Currently being some of the most popular categories

  • Graphics design
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translating
  • Programming
  • Video editing and motion graphics

The category I mentioned above has many more sub-categories. Let's discuss a little deeper.

Now everyone's question is what will I learn? Which would be better?


Look at all the categories I have shown here, but there is work, he works where he likes, I may like marketing, someone else's graphic design. So no one's choice will match anyone's.


What you learn is entirely up to you. You question your mind again. Start to flame whatever the mind says.


Assuming you have done exactly what you will learn.


Now let's discuss how to learn?

Now in the digital world, you can learn anything you want at home, so use Google and YouTube to learn. You can google and search for "how to learn graphic design" but after searching for this keyword you will get thousands of resources. If you can't learn from Google, we have guidelines on some of the top topics in our successful freelancers for you. You can come and see.

Your writing is over, now the question is where to work?

See there are many popular markets for freelancing, each market system is different.


Some of the top freelancing market place :

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • 99 designs
  • Envanto Market
  • SEO Clark
  • Toptal

Now that you have started working, the question is how to raise money? If you start earning money then you can withdraw money in any way.


You can withdraw money from any market with PayPal, if there is no PayPal in Bangladesh, but there is no problem, you can also bring money with payoneer.

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