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What is digital marketing? How to do digital marketing? learn Digital Marketing earn money online - smart duniya

digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing is increasing to keep pace with the digital age. Nowadays, people are using internet to buy their essential digital products as well as daily necessities. So if you are still focusing on traditional marketing like the old ones, regardless of digital marketing, you will not be able to compete with other businesses.


If you are a businessman, you should do digital marketing. Due to the increasing number of Internet users, there is currently no simple marketing system compared to digital marketing, which makes it easier for people to learn about a product. If you can do digital marketing properly, then it will be possible to reach the products of any company at home in a very short time.


Digital marketing has not yet become very popular in our country due to lack of online shopping gateways. However, at the rate at which the number of Internet users is increasing, it is clear that the digital marketing system will soon occupy a large space in our country.


As a result of digital marketing, on the one hand, people are able to buy products at home via the Internet, on the other hand, businesses are succeeding by selling their products to people at low cost. At the same time, digital marketers are using their talent to earn millions of rupees from businesses through digital marketing careers by doing a variety of digital marketing tasks. If you have ideas about different types of digital marketing, you can earn a smart amount by working as a digital marketer in any company. There are countless digital marketers in our country who are earning thousands of rupees every month through social media marketing.


Also, if you are currently working in the marketing field of a company, you can still know the rules of digital marketing. Being able to do digital marketing in your company along with working in the marketing field will greatly increase your value to the company.

What is digital marketing?

Marketing is the act of selling a product to someone, usually by advertising a product or exposing the good aspects of the product in some way. This means that the product is marketed to sell to people in some way.


In the same way, digital marketing is the technique of selling products to the people through the internet using internet, digital media and digital technology. Basically, all the functions of marketing using internet and digital technology are called digital marketing.

Why do digital marketing?

Those who understand the marketing process can easily understand the importance of digital marketing. The main function of marketing is to reach people of a commercial product. The easier it is to advertise the product to more people, the more people will be encouraged to buy the product and the more your product sells.


The main objective of marketing is to inform customers about the product through the promotion of the product. In this case, if you are a skilled marketer, all you have to do is find a way to find customers easily. The job of a successful marketer is to advertise or market a product where more people are living longer. There was a time when people used to send goods from door to door with paddlers to promote their products, but over time this method has become outdated as it is outdated today. Then people started giving traditional advertisements through various radio, TV, magazines and newspapers. Because marketers then realize that people spend most of their time reading radio, television and newspapers. Therefore, if the product is easily accessible to the general public by advertising on radio and television. Over time, when the Internet and social media were invented, people started spending more time on Facebook and the Internet. Then all types of companies and marketers understand that digital marketing on the Internet and social media will make it easier to deliver any product in a short period of time. And since then the digital marketing system has become popular.


Digital marketing is becoming more popular nowadays because digital marketing can be done more quickly and faster than other types of marketing. The popularity of digital marketing is increasing at a tremendous rate, especially as small and medium businesses have access to low cost digital marketing.


Imagine for a moment that you have moved into the earl's karma-driven world. Which is not possible for any small company. Apart from this, if you want to advertise on any television, then you have to spend 5-10 lakhs. Because the cost from advertising on television to advertising on television is about 5/6 lakh rupees. And if you want to advertise on television with a hero / heroine or celebrity, then you only have to pay 15/20 lakhs to the model. That cost cannot be borne by a small company.

But in the digital market, starting from just 5, spending crores of rupees can be advertised or marketed in the budget of your choice. In addition, the biggest advantage of digital marketing is that marketing can be done at home and advertising can be done by targeting specific customers and specific areas, so it is possible to target products to low-cost customers, which is another Not possible in marketing.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

All companies, large or small, can do digital marketing at a low cost.

It is possible to reach the customers with the advertisement of the product in no time.

Marketing can be done at home with a computer so that you don't have to go to anyone.

Company brands can be created on the Internet, which cannot be done easily in any other way.

Marketing is possible by targeting customers of different ages by region.

Digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your website.

It is possible to sell products easily as orders for products are available online at home.

An online community can be created with customers.

Computer and Internet usage is now increasing worldwide. As the days pass people will use more computers and internet. So as the days go by, the importance and demand of digital marketing will increase. To be a successful marketer with future plans in mind, you should focus on digital marketing.

What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

In today's technology era, you need to know the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing to know why you should give more importance to digital marketing than traditional marketing. Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing -

Traditional marketing requires a lot of money. But digital marketing can be done at a very low cost.

Products can be promoted faster through digital marketing than traditional marketing.

In the traditional marketing market, advertisements cannot be targeted to specific customers. But in the digital market, it is possible to advertise directly by targeting buyers.

Smaller companies cannot do traditional marketing due to higher costs.

Digital marketing is a timeless marketing system.

How to do digital marketing?

There are many platforms for digital marketing. You need to choose the right platform depending on the type of your company, company products and scope of business. In today's post, we will discuss eight popular digital marketing of the present time.

  • ·         social media Marketing
  • ·         Google Adwords
  • ·         YouTube Marketing
  • ·         content writing
  • ·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ·         email marketing
  • ·         affiliate marketing
  • ·         Mobile app marketing

These eight platforms are currently the most popular in digital marketing. In addition, there are many other types of digital marketing. However, without discussing all the issues in today's post, we will only know about these eight digital marketing details.

1. social media Marketing

The biggest market for digital marketing is social media marketing. More than half of people worldwide are now using social media. About 40 million people in our country are connected through Facebook and social media alone. This is why Facebook marketing is currently the most popular in our country.


There are many more platforms within social media marketing. There are some more social media marketing including Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, pintrest marketing and Snapchat marketing. Basically all these platforms are used by people as a means of social communication hence in the field of marketing they are called social media marketing.


There are two types of social media marketing. like

Free Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing or advertising paid for money.

In the case of free social media marketing, free social media marketing is done on various social networking sites by creating a page with the company name and sharing products on them. Free social media marketing can also be done by creating different types of groups and adding different groups.


There are two types of paid marketing. One is marketing through contact with various big social media marketers and the other is doing social media marketing by paying dollars directly on social media. Both free and paid marketing are very popular in the field of social media marketing.

2. Google Adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms in the world. Most of the advertisements you see on various blogs and websites are Google AdWords ads. This type of advertising or marketing is usually done by paying Google through Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the most popular form of advertising targeting any keyword.


This type of digital marketing advertisement is usually shown inside a website / blog post, to the right, to the left, below the post, to a blog header, and to a YouTube video. In the case of such marketing, Google has to pay by counting the views and clicks of the advertisement.

3. YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become quite popular in the field of digital marketing. Because people now watch more videos on YouTube than television for entertainment. Especially since almost all types of videos are available on YouTube, everyone feels comfortable watching videos on YouTube. For which various companies are now using YouTube for marketing and promoting their products.


There are two types of processes in the YouTube market. One is to create product reviews and sponsored videos through contact with various popular YouTube channels and the other is to advertise directly on YouTube through Google AdWords. YouTube marketing is usually done in the case of video types of advertisements.

4. content writing

Every company now prefers to create a website or blog in the name of their business organization. Because if you create a blog in the name of the company and make it popular, you can easily reach the product customers through internet by writing a review of different types of products in the blog.


When you want to buy a digital product, try to know how much it will be available in your local market before purchasing the product. Especially when it comes to buying computers and laptops, everyone is now trying to explore different aspects of laptops from the Internet. In this case, if you like the product on your website, the customer should contact you to purchase your company's product.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to increase traffic or visitors to a website. There is a huge demand for SEO experts in the digital market. Because only one SEO expert can make the products of your website accessible to people through Google search engine.


Proper SEO of your website is an essential product for your website to reach people through Google search engine. Because a person does not search for any product on Google by typing the address of a website.


When a person feels that they need a product, they search Google directly by typing the name of the product. In this case, by typing the name of the product, if the link to your product is found at the top of Google search results, then the visitor will show interest to buy your product. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is very important in digital marketing.

6. email marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing method through which you can promote your products and services. Currently, many small and large companies in different countries of the world are increasing their income through this method. Email marketing is the most effective way of spreading your product information to your customers.


In the case of email marketing, you have to collect the mail addresses of people of different ages or different categories. Then, after doing in-depth research on the product that you want to market, you have to send the link to your product to different mail addresses depending on the demand for the product. Then if that person sees your product and likes it, they can show interest to buy the product. This is basically how email marketing is done.

7. affiliate marketing

We commonly call affiliate marketing a commission that sells a company's product. With affiliate marketing, you can sell your company's products to various people online. Here you will not get affiliate commission, you will start affiliate program and give commission to others. Currently, a lot of products are being bought and sold in the digital market through affiliate marketing.

8. Mobile app marketing

Due to the era of technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. And people are using different types of mobile apps on every smartphone. Various applications are readily available, especially in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so everyone now feels comfortable using their favorite app on mobile.


And digital marketers are using that opportunity to promote their products. By creating various types of apps, it is easy to promote the product by advertising the product in them. In addition, advertisements can be placed inside all types of mobile applications by paying through Google Admob.

Digital Marketing Career

Currently, there are many digital marketers in our country who are earning thousands of rupees a month by adopting digital marketing as a career. If you want to become a digital marketer, you can make yourself well with any of the 4/5 marketing skills above. Then you can become a good digital marketer in future and get a respectable job in the marketing field of various companies.


You might not know that nowadays almost all types of big companies spend a lot of money on their companies and hire good quality digital marketers. Especially if you can specialize in Facebook marketing, Google AdWords, YouTube marketing and content marketing, then making a career as a digital marketer will not matter to you.

Last word

If you want to promote someone else's product, you can easily promote a specific product or service to your target customers through digital marketing instead of traditional marketing.


Digital marketing is now very popular and in the future the popularity of digital marketing will increase manifold. You can take help of digital marketing to promote your product. At the same time, if you want to become a digital marketer, then you should meet the rules of digital marketing well.

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