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How can a housewife make money online from home? II earn money online as a blogger if you are a house wife - smartduniya

Best earning ways for House wife

The story of a housewife making money online is an unrealistic, bizarre and misleading story. A Bangladeshi modern highly educated woman would not want to believe in easy online income. As such, there is no question that a poor educated girl in a village believes in online income. No matter whether you are in the village or in the city, you need to get out of this misconception. Due to the advancement of the Internet and technology, the era has undergone many changes. Now a village housewife can earn money from home in various ways. If you have no idea about this, then read our post today from beginning to end carefully. In today's post we will discuss how a housewife of Ajpara can make money online.

Blogging is a popular way to earn money online. You can create an easy way to earn money online by writing whatever experience you have. In this case, a lot of experience is not required. You do not have to be a poet or writer to write here. You can become a popular blogger by sharing your skills and experiences on a blog about the daily needs of your family. When your blog becomes popular by writing online, then you will be able to easily earn good quality money sitting online.

 In some of the above places I have asked you to become a popular blogger. You might be thinking that I am inspiring you to become a blogger. That way you can get me wrong. Because you might guess that blogger means atheist. Blogger means atheist, you have to come out of this kind of meditative thought. Keep in mind that bloggers are not atheists. People who write online blogs are bloggers. In this case, atheists who write about atheism are bloggers. Of course there are some reasons behind atheism. No man on earth does anything without reason. Atheist bloggers blog about atheism so that more visitors can come to their blog. Because atheism is a controversial issue. And visitors to controversial topics are more online. Originally atheists blog about controversial topics to get more visitors and more revenue.


What do you need to earn ?

  • A computer or laptop.
  • Internet connection to PC.
  • Basic ideas about computers. '
  • Must know Bengali or English type.
  • Must have a blog (this is not a concern, it is very easy to do).
  • Give 2-3 hours regularly.

Currently every family has a desktop or laptop computer. Most parents buy a computer with an internet connection for their son Mayer and leave it at home. Boys and girls do not understand the importance of computers, computers are ruined from year to year. You can use that computer if you want. On the other hand educated women have completed basic computer knowledge. So you are getting almost all the ingredients at hand. Only you can know about the rest of the blog from our blog. We have already shared the complete tutorial on making blogs on our blog. If you still can't, you can seek our help via the contact form.

What do you do at home ?

Above I have bluffed a lot. You may be angry with me. It is normal for me to be upset. Because who loves to hear a deer? Even if you are upset, I will gossip. Because it is the job of a blogger to make readers understand the importance of the subject before proceeding to the main topic. Please be patient, I will discuss it in detail later.


You have a husband and children in your family. Your husband stays out of the house all day for office or business. Then you lie down and spend the entire day being harassed by Facebooking. If you want, you can use this free time to earn money online. There are many women bloggers online who are earning 3-4 lakhs every month. Even if you can't do that much to start, you can earn 10-20 thousand rupees. With this money you will be able to meet your daily needs.

How to start blogging?

I have said before that you can make money online by sharing an experience knowing the daily needs of your family on the blog. In this case, you need to share family issues that you can write on your blog every day. You may be wondering how you can earn money online if you cannot write about anything. You do not have to be a poet or writer to write about running a family. You can write about all these things using only a little linguistic knowledge. Below I have highlighted some topics through which you can get a clear idea about what you can write.

1. cooking:

The main job of a housewife is to cook at home. No one can have a better knowledge of cooking than a housewife. Because a housewife cooks good quality food and wins the heart of her husband and family. You can gain popularity online by writing about all types of foods. All the girls in the world like to learn to cook. In this case, if you can write well about different types of food and cake making, you will get a lot of traffic from online to your blog.

2. Beauty tips or cosmetics

The popularity of this topic is above online. Girls naturally like to dress up. Girls are now searching for various beauty tips online to do new makeup. You can become a popular beauty blogger by sharing all types of beauty tips from head to toe. If you can write about it properly, you will get millions of visitors to the blog. Apart from this, you can make money online by creating beauty tips videos on all topics from hair blockage to nail polish and uploading it to YouTube.

3. Do home decoration

You can gather good quality traffic on the blog by writing about all the home decor, including sheets starting from the home chair table. Since you are a perfect housewife, you should know how to decorate the house to look beautiful and shapely. So I don't think you will have any trouble writing about it.

4. Moral education for boys and girls

From the time the child is born until it reaches adulthood, the parents remain in a state of constant anxiety. If you are an ideal mother, then you will have complete knowledge about feeding, reading and moral education to children. You can share this knowledge online as advice. If you can give the right advice and suggestions then I think there will be no shortage of visitors to your blog. Because parents are always looking for various solutions online and offline to give moral education to boys and girls.

5. Miscellaneous Family Affairs

There are thousands of such topics for managing a family. All these issues can never be discussed. A woman completes knowledge of all aspects of family management. From family furniture to husband, children, father-in-law, decoration, you can share different posts on all aspects of the house. You can write these topics easily. I don't think I need any additional experience to write these things. Only then can you present it neatly in simple language.

How to make money?

Those who are familiar with online blogging already know how to make money online. When you write well about the above topics in the blog you will get a lot of visitors to your blog. At that time you will apply for Google AdSense for your blog. Google will approve your AdSense. Putting approved AdSense code on your blog will show different types of ads. Google will pay you according to the idea and click of that advertisement.

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