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Best Ways to sell your photos online and earn money in 2022 - smartduniya

We are all almost photographers! Some are intoxicated and some are professional! But we don’t know that it is not possible to earn money from online by selling our capture  photos! The pinnacle of learning mobile photography, lightroom, Photoshop!..If you love to capture picture use your mobile or camera …. You earn also earn money …Everyone can do this no matter you are a student or house-wife or employee .. Here is no age limit no earn limit ..

sell your photos online earn money online


How to make money selling photos of yourself?

If you don't know about this, you are most welcome well-come to this post.

There are various online sites that will make you a dollar major for your photo. Today in this post I will show you how to sell photos in online and earn money from online Lifetime .

Here you find best places to sell stock photos online for free and make money.


Shutterstock :

 It is My favorite site! Since the site opened, the sellers have paid about 350 million Dollar $. Then you understand how the site trusted! When you upload an image to the site, you own the copyright. And you can earn up to 30% of the sale price of your photos based on your photo size and quality. Always try to capture maximum quality Image ,it helps your photo sell more.

So what's the delay? Get started!.... Start first from your mobile… Hurry Up!!..

Switch your Dream to your passion..  


Visit site :



 Istok Photos is one of the best platform  to sell photos easily ! The extra advantage is that iStock has the most popular forum in the world! As a result, you stay connected with the photographers and get to know, learn, understand all the photography updates in the world-wide. Profits for iStock photos start with only 15% download, but it can increase up to 45% depending on the popularity of your photos. If a customer buys a photo using a subscription "credit", the earnings rates are 15% by default. If you most interested in photography ..want learn more about photography .Must start From istockphoto.  


If you want to sell your photos exclusively on iStock Photo, the site will pay you 22-45%. And if you give 30 days notice, this exclusive contract will expire.


Visit site :


Comstock Photo :

 If you want to sell your photos easily without any hassle then this site is not an option for you! First you need to open an account on the site, and at the beginning you need to submit 3 of the best photos you have taken. After submitting, they will see your photos and mail them to you within 24 hours.

When uploading to the site you can upload more than 100 images if you want. Always use keywords / tags when uploading images. So that the customer can find your pictures. You can also get 50% off your picture sales. If you have $ 50 in your account, you can bring it to PayPal. If you want to bring it to the bank, you have to be 100 or above.


Visit site ;


Snapped4U :  

 If you are an event photographer, such as wedding , party or birthday photos, then this site is the best option for you. Because Snapped4U gives different assessments to event photographers.


They will charge you only $ 0.50 for each photo you sell for $ 5 or less. If the image sells for more than 5, Snapped4U will charge a 10% commission.

So, Why you waste Your time..?? Get started soon..A Bright future is waiting for you.


Visit site ;


FineArtAmerica :

Have you any creative power? If your answer is yes…You are eligible for this site..  If you know different designs of photo cotton, such as t-shirt, cover, wallpaper, etc., then FineArtAmerica is the best for you! Here in this site you can Learn and earn also..


Visit site ;



Most of the photographers in Bangladesh & Indian sell their pictures here. The main feature of the site is that Fotolia has 4 million + buyers from worldwide! So if your photo is approved, the chances of selling increase a lot and you earn money lifetime.


Visit site ;



Note it : Remember that once a photo is approved, its income is forever!

The photo you upload must be taken by you, never upload the downloaded photo.

Keep an eye on the image quality.

Be sure to include tags / titles / keywords when uploading images. If you give these, the sales increase a lot.

After uploading, you can share the link in the photocell group for quick sale.


 Some Common questions


1.No camera, can I do it with mobile?

 >>If you take it with mobile, maybe there will be some problem in size! But if the subject light of the picture is right, you will definitely be able to.

2.What kind of picture should I give?

 >>Give yourself what you think it will do for others!

 3.Edit too much?

 >>Of course not! If you do a normal edit without more editing , the chances of selling are higher! Because people will not buy edits, they will buy photos.

 4.How do I get the money?

 >>Use PayPal or any MasterCard to bring dollars.


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