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10 things before applying for Google AdSense! How to approve adsense account with blogger, wordpress. - smartduniya

How to approve adsense account with blogger, wordpress

why is my blogger not eligible for adsense?

We know that Google AdSense is the largest online advertising agency. Bloggers and webmasters of all types want to earn money online using Google AdSense on their blogs for higher click rates of their ads and more special benefits. However, most bloggers fail to approve Google AdSense due to their ignorance. But with some tips and patience, Google AdSense can be approved easily within a few days. Below I will share with you the things that must happen before applying to Google get many free adsense eligibility checker tool online.

How to get google adsense approval in 1 minute?

Do you think this type of question?.My answer is yes . It is possible if you follow adsense policies and other rules, you get approve . Otherwise google adsense refused you .

Adsense approval trick :  I will give you some adsense approval tricks and tips which helps you a lot to get adsense approval. Follow below tips -

01. custom domain:

Domain is very important to get Google AdSense approval. Most new bloggers apply for Google AdSense using a sub-domain ( or on their blog. As a result, Google rejected his application directly. However, there was a time when AdSense could easily be approved with sub-domains, but recently the issue has become very difficult. So to make it easy, you first need to buy a good custom domain. In addition, if you use a custom domain, you can also enjoy some special benefits in search engine optimization.

02. Domain Age:

Domain age is another important factor to get Google AdSense approval. Your domain must be at least 2/3 months old before applying for AdSense. However, it is best to apply for AdSense after the age of 6 months. In addition, there are many countries in Asia where there is no opportunity to apply for AdSense with Blogger for 6 months.

03. Blog Design and Loading Speed:

Your blogger template or website should be user friendly and interesting to view. So that readers can easily read the content of the blog from any device of any type or size. The header, post, sidebar, and footer of the blog are all part of the Google AdSense code. Also, the loading speed of your blog should be good. Otherwise, you will not get the expected visitors in the slow speed blog.

04. Search Engine Friendly:

Your blog template and every post should be search engine friendly. This will help any blog to get Google AdSense approval quickly. In addition, Google AdSense has a robot that will scan your blog. In this case, AdSense will not approve if every post on the blog is not search engine friendly. Then you should focus on SEO.

05. Enough material content:

Keep in mind that blog content is at the core of everything. The better the content on your blog, the more visitors you get. So you have to share good quality content regularly. You must have at least 20/25 good quality unique posts on your blog before applying for Google AdSense. There should be at least 5 posts in each category of the blog.Do not put adsense prohibited content in your blog.

07. Limit for each post:

Each post should contain a certain amount of writing. You cannot expect to get Google AdSense by posting only 20/25. Google Bot will also find out how much you have written in each post before approving AdSense. Each post must have a minimum of 500/600 good quality words.

07. Some Important Pages:

There are some important pages for the blog such as About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us Page. A few years ago, the Google AdSense team made a rule that every blog should have a privacy policy page. Of course, it is better to keep the rest of the pages within its rules.

07. Name, Age and Email:

Your name, age and email address should be used on Google Accounts and the Contact Us page. This will allow the Google AdSense robot to easily confirm your name, age and email address. You must be 18 years of age to apply for Google AdSense.

09. Visitors from search engines :

how much traffic required for adsense approval??- Do you think this type of question??.Is your answer is 'yes'...see below.

Getting visitors from search engines makes it easy to get Google AdSense for your blog. Because the blog on which visitors come from Google search engine, Google likes that blog. So to get visitors from search engines, you have to follow SEO well. If your blog has fewer visitors then you cannot expect to get AdSense. To get Google AdSense, your blog must have at least 200/300 unique visitors per day.

10. Not advertising others

If you use any other type of PPC advertising on your blog, you should remove it before applying to Google AdSense. Otherwise Google will not allow AdSense on your blog. Because Google AdSense does not like to show any other type of advertisement besides them.You have to follow adsense criteria for blogger in blogging.

Finally, following all the above steps will ensure that any blogger can approve Google AdSense by applying to their blog for the first time. So if you want to monetize your favorite blog online using Google AdSense, you must first correct the blog. Only then Google AdSense will be easy to obtain and will not be as golden deer.

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