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Learn English from Home

How to learn English at home?

The first big problem for those who want to start freelancing is English, we know English well as an international language. English will be used wherever we go to work. So today I will share with you some tips as well as links to some English learning books / websites / channels that you can use to learn English at home or upgrade your skills.


If you want to learn English, you must first have the courage. You may find English difficult but believe me it will seem easy to you after learning.


Why would it seem easy?

Think about it, you know Bengali very well, but now those who are British but don't know Bengali, it seems to them that Bengali is as difficult as English seems to you now.

All the things you don't know, but keep a hard head for us.


So if you dare, you can start this British Council website: If you want you can download their app from the Play Store.


Or if you want to learn to read PDF, you can start reading this book by downloading BBC Janala:…/BBC-Janata-English-learning-b…


In this book, however, everything is arranged in a very beautiful way.


Now how do you learn or write good English?


The easiest way to speak and write good English is to hear and read good English every day.


1. Read the newspaper: If you read the Bangladeshi English newspaper regularly, you can increase your skills without hesitation. If you don't want to buy and read, read other magazines online, including the Daily Star. To read online magazines 

visit this site:


2. Pronouncing whatever you learn: That is, share all the words you will learn in English with your close friends. Fix any of your friends that I will talk to you every day in English. Talk to him in English for 30 minutes daily.


03. Learn to make mistakes: English or whatever you say you have to make mistakes, because if you don't make mistakes, people don't learn. The founder of Alibaba but did not know English well, he has improved his English skills by talking to his clients.


05. Watch a movie with Bangla English subtitles: This is what I used to do in the beginning, that is, you will download an English movie with English subtitles, then download the Bangla subtitles of that movie from the sub sin, after downloading watch the movie with two subtitles from pot plyer. Remember the words that come up, remember the new words, write them on a notepad or notebook if needed.


Here are some websites you can follow to improve your English skills: Here you will find the details of any English word. By the name you can understand what this website does.

Moreover you can follow this website


Now here are some YouTube channel links to learn English that may be useful to you. This channel is one of my favorite channels, if you follow this channel you will see a lot of changes in your skills.


If there is a problem to increase English to English skills in the beginning, then follow this channel in Bengali:

Chanel link; 


I hope if you can take 4/5 months like this, then you will be able to see your own update.

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