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Top Digital Marketing Tools for beginners in 2022 - smartduniya

Best free Digital Marketing Tools for beginners in 2022 :

Now a days Digital Marketing is a treading topic to all,Many people want to start digital marketing but do not find tools to start.Here are the best free digital marketing tools below 

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Keyword Everywhere Browser Extension

free seo tools
Keyword Everywhere Browser Extension

It is essentially a browser-based extension that lets you find out the CPC and keywords of your target search may be your niche , targeted keyword or any thing .You can use it as a online marketing tools for small business for market research .You add extension of your browser (chrome/fire-fox) and search free.


free digital marketing tools

It is a free digital marketing tool. This website allows you to compare or analyze your website with other companies or compilers in your niche.You can see your competitor who rank at your's targeted keyword. Also, find the loop whole of your competitor's website it is a big opportunity to rank your website by working on this topic only which your competitor has not done yet.



Ubersuggest is the best free powerful digital marketing tool made by Neil Patel.Here you can check any  domain to see DA , PA and Back-links and other information.Besides You can search keyword to see search volume of this keyword,keyword difficulty,suggest keyword and other so on.You can use this tool in digital marketing field.


free digital marketing tools

If you wanted to be a successful digital marketer you have to know to use new digital marketing tools and techniques in 2020, This site help you to design anything like (logo,Facebook cover,business card etc..) by just drag and drop. If you do not know graphic designing no matter you can work easily. By this site you can do any type of graphic design for digital marketing. 

Vidiq For YouTube

It is very powerful free online digital marketing tool in 2020 for YouTube. Other Vision for Chrome is a powerful tool for accessing Every Creature Needed to If It Wants to Build Your Audience and Contribution.It is a Reporting Tools for you tube. You download the chrome extension in your browser and open you-tube , you can see the benefit of this tool.

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