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Micro jobs-earn money online up to $1500 / month - Freelancing Work

Best freelance jobs-earn money online up to $1500 / month 

work from home

We all know that the world goes digital and the process of making money goes digital. You hear that anyone can make money online. What do you think -

Can I Earn $1500 per month as a freelancer ?

Obviously, you can easily earn $1500 per month online through online jobs. You don't need any work that you can do from home.

    What is a Freelance job?

    Freelance jobs are online jobs. Many companies or some busy persons from different countries post their jobs or projects in a marketplace. Those jobs are called freelance jobs and the marketplace is a freelancing marketplace. 

    What is Freelancing Marketplace?

    The freelancing marketplace plays a role as a bridge between companies and freelancers, you could say the freelancing marketplace is a medium between buyers and sellers.

    Who is a Freelancer?

    A freelancer is a person who works on a variety of projects from home for a variety of clients(clients can be from anywhere) on a temporary or permanent basis or short-term & long-term basis projects. A freelancer gets payment from their clients to work on projects. They make money online by working freelance/work from home.

    What Is The Advantage of Freelance job as a Freelancer ?

    In freelance jobs you get many advantage as a freelancer like-

    • work from home.
    • Give your time to your work and family.
    • work in your time. 
    • work your skill basis.
    • you will be your own boss.

    What is the Qualification for freelance jobs?

    Basically this job does not require any educational qualification if you pass high school then you can be qualified for this job. All jobs are based on skills. Still you need to know basic English language and computer knowledge.

    Which Skill Has High Demand on Marketplace ?

    All skills has demand in the market place of online jobs. There are some high demand skill. If you will be expert in any one skill you will make money online over $1500 per month or more.

    • Graphics & Web Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing & Translation
    • Video & Animation
    • Music & Audio
    • Programming & Tech
    • Business Lifestyle

    What is Required for This Job?

    First you need to be proficient in any skill (described above)You need to have a computer / laptop with a good internet connection. The ability to speak fluent English helps you to grow more.

    _______________     Some Popular website ________________________

    Fiverr is one of the best in other freelancing marketplaces, here you can work as a sales person you need to create your account and sell your services according to your skills any many people earn 1000 $ -2000 $ earn from Fiverr as a freelancer. You can easily earn 100 earnings per month as you are new. Fiverr offers the opportunity to work from home and make money online any Many people think that Fiverr has a $ 5 marketplace, it is now completely wrong a Now you can see that many people charge 500$- 1000$ for their work.

    Go to Fiverr click the link:

    • Freelancer. in  

    It is the world's largest market for 42 million people working online. Here you can work online from home and make money online. Here Buyer posts their job with requirements and you have to bid on this post when you are sure that you can do the job carefully. If you win the bid then you have to complete the project, if you complete the project and the buyer accepts your project, you will earn money online You can't believe that some freelancers earn millions through their online jobs. As a beginner, you can work online and easily earn $ 100 per month, day by day your skills will increase and your income will increase.

    Go to this website click the link:


    Upwork is One of the best freelance jobs market. Work efficiently for the business of professionals and agencies to find someone who is skilled in the workplace. If you have really good work experience, join this market. Here you can get lost in a job according to your skill. Remember that if your beginner does not try this marketplace. At first, join Fiverr and  and work there. When you gain some experience then join this marketplace.

    Go to this website click the link:

      Peopleperhour is one of the best work from home websites of  Freelance Jobs. This website provides online jobs, you can work online as a graphic designer, web developer, etc. Basically, it is best for freshers. If you intersect to make money online through freelance jobs or online jobs take this website. You must have a skill . Before applying to this site make a cv and your work sample. It helps you to grow your profile. You can also get more projects by seeing your work to your clients. If you work hard you can achieve success within some days.   

    people per hour

    Go to this website click the link:


    Guru is a great market for online work. It is a United States-based company with a branch in India. On this website, you can work freelance and make money online from this website. Anyone can work on this website it is an easy website to make money online. Here at first, you have to create your profile and grow up your profile. Contact your clients' conversation with your clients and give value to your client, get the project. 

    make money online

     Go to this website click the link:


    TruLancer is a great marketplace for work from home online jobs websites. This marketplace is very loyal, with over 3 million people joining them. You can work online here as the basis of your skills. It is best for free fresher freelancers who want to make money online through freelance jobs or online jobs. I suggest you start your online work journey as a data entry operator. When your profile grows up then turn to another skill like graphic designer, web designer, etc.

    make money online/ earn money online

     Go to this website click the link:


    99 Designs is one of the most popular online jobs markets for graphic design for making money online. If you work in the field of graphic design (design of book cover design, making a logo, banner, t-shirt, etc. If you work hard in graphic design, you can earn a huge amount from this marketplace. Basically, this is for the only designer lover who works in the design sector. This website is a trusted website millions of people work on this website. 

    Note :  if you really love graphic design,then come to 99design marketplace.

    make money online earn money online

    Go to this website click the link:

    Design hill is a big marketplace for experts who have much experience in online jobs or freelance jobs. If you are an expert in any field mostly graphic design, you can make money online from this marketplace by doing graphic design. Besides graphic design, you can also work in other fields like web designer, content writer, etc.

    Go to this website click the link:
    • is on the market here to earn money online.

    There are many online jobs available you can work online from home and earn money online. On this website, you can earn money through online jobs related to graphics-designer and web design, SEO, digital marketing.. and lots of opportunities. Take your passion / interesting topic and start your work and earn money. 

    make money online earn money online

    Go to this website click the link:

    Toptal is the exclusive marketplace for freelance work for various software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers around the world. If you have any job-related skills online, you can join Toptal. This is the best market for making money online. In this website, many people earn $1000 –per month as a freelancer. Toptal nowadays its become a very popular website. If you are a beginner-intermediate expert no matter you can join. If you work hard you can earn handsome money from this website easily. Start your journey today.

    Go to this website click the link:


    It is the most powerful and popular online work website. This website provides work for freelance work and work-from-home opportunities. You can make money from this website. Just apply as a freelancer and start your earning journey. You can work in any sector which you like most. Most people use this site for their passive income. You can work on this website on as part-time or full-time basis also can work from home. 

    online work online earn money

    Go to this website click the link:

    Tips for new freelancers

    • 1.     Create portfolio, collect testimonials, make your profile attractive
    • 2.     Offer very low price in the start. You can even work for free.
    • 3.     Make fast communication with your clients
    • 4.     Understand projects properly and give regular update
    • 5.     Provide unlimited revisions until your Clint’s is satisfied
    • 6.     Do not take more projects than you can handle or manage
    • 7.     Ask for review and feedback once your project is finished
    • 8.     Share all your project on Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest and other social media platform.
    • 9.     Positive reviews from clients are most important. Get more & more reviews. No fack review.

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